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Best Wooden Hair Brush

Wood bristle hairbrush

How often do you comb your hair? Let me tell you something. I have a habit of combing. Whenever I get some free time, I comb my hair. Recently I got a beautiful gift; a wooden hairbrush from my mom.

What an amazing thing it is! Wonderful! All these years, I only heard about the benefits of a wooden hairbrush. But now, I have an experience also. And I want to share that with you. So, here it is:

Why you should use wooden Hair brush on Hair?

A wooden hairbrush is therapeutic. It is true! The natural wooden bristles are very good for hair. You will not only feel good when you use it also, it will imparts a lot of goodness. It increases blood circulation and nutrients. It relaxes the scalp. It helps to de-stress and release tension. It makes hair healthy and rejuvenated. It improves scalp health. And all these benefits come with the least effort.

Zhuoyue Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush – Paddle Hair Brush

Top 7 Benefits of Wooden hair brush

A more detailed study of the benefits is stated below. Have a read.

1. Wooden hair brush is environment friendly

Unlike the plastic or metal hairbrush, a wooden hair brush is absolutely harmless to the environment. We all know, how harmful plastic is! It does not decompose for years and fills our oceans and landfills. But wooden hairbrush is made up of natural materials that last longer and decomposes at a faster rate.

2. Wooden brush stimulates hair follicles

The feeling of a wooden hairbrush is very relaxing on the scalp. The wooden bristles feel like little fingers massaging your hair and scalp, gently. This relaxing massage helps in stimulation of hair follicles that rejuvenate hair. Your hair looks healthy and shinier within weeks.

3. Wooden hair brush stops hair breakage

With its wide and soft bristles, a wooden hairbrush separates and manage hair, without any pull. This means with less work your hair becomes beautiful and smooth.

One more thing, if your hair has lots of tangle and knots, then a wide-tooth wooden comb is the best. It detangles hair effortlessly. In fact, this comb is highly recommended for curly and thick hair, also.

Wooden hair brush benefits

4. Wooden hair brush helps hair to grow thick at a faster rate

When you use a wooden hairbrush soft bristles provide a relaxing massage to the scalp and hair. This massage is very beneficial! It enhances blood and nutrients circulation to the roots. The result is! Thick, shiny, healthy and rejuvenated hair.

5. It is a natural conditioner for hair

Did you know that the natural oil of our scalp is the best conditioner for our hair? Yes, it is true. A wooden hairbrush helps in the secretion of the natural oil. The wooden bristles distribute the oil from the scalp down to the tips. And, you get moisturized, soft hair with a bright shine.

6. It prevents static and flyways

We all know that wood has a neutral charge, which means static is negligible. Now, what is static hair? Static hair occurs when hair gains some extra electrons due to friction or change in humidity. It makes hair frizzy and difficult to style. Wooden hairbrush brings a sigh of relief. The wooden bristles detangle hair and help in styling without forming any electric charge.

7. Wood bristle hair brushes are good for sensitive scalp and dandruff

One best feature of a wooden hairbrush is, it does not scratch the scalp like plastic brushes. So, if you have a sensitive scalp, a wooden hairbrush is bliss. A regular combing controls the oil production and removes dandruff. It also removes the dead cells and flakes that get deposited on the scalp.

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Top 9 best wooden hair brushes

  1. Zhuoyue Wooden Bamboo hairbrush
  2. Urtheone boar bristle brush
  3. Pretty See wooden hairbrush
  4. Belula Boar Bristle Hairbrush
  5. Sofmild Natural Wooden Hairbrush
  6. BFWood Short PaddleBrush
  7. Redecker Maplewood Hairbrush
  8. VKLW NaturalWood hairbrush
  9. Ineffable Care Boar Bristle Hairbrush

1. Zhuoyue Wooden Bamboo hairbrush

Zhuoyue is a well-known brand of recent time. Its bamboo hairbrushes have great popularity. And, the credit goes to its raw materials – bamboo and natural rubber.

The vented cushion base in it “gives way when meet with resistance and allows the air to flow through it while combing”. It means the knots get cleared with minimum pull and breakage gets reduced.

The brush increases blood flow and nutrient flow to the scalp and hair follicle. It distributes natural oil to the hair. This brush “absorbs” the shock of intensive harsh brushing and its widespread teeth cuts down the frizz. You get lovely, voluminous, strong hair. Last but not least in the collection you get 2 pieces of paddle hairbrush.

Zhuoyue Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush – Best wooden paddle brush


2. Urtheone boar bristle brush

Whether your hair is normal, coarse, fine or thick, Urtheone boar bristle brush is one of the bestoptions. It has detangling nylon pins that detangle the stubborn knots formed on your hair.

The natural boar bristles are the thinnest and straightest natural materials. The bristles are similar to human hair that glides easily through the hair. Scalp gets relaxed, and the hair gets rejuvenated. As a result, hair becomes soft and shiny.

Boar Bristle Hairbrush for Thick Curly Thin Long Short Wet or Dry Hair

Benefits of the brush:

3. Pretty See wooden hairbrush

Which word comes to mind when you hear the word ‘wooden’? The answer is ‘durable’. Isn’t it? We all know how synonymous these two words are! A wooden hairbrush also has this feature.

Pretty See hair brush is such a kind of brush. Being made up of natural wood, the hairbrush is pretty durable.

But, it is light in weight.

The round bristles provide massage to the scalp, which increases blood circulation. This brush is anti-static. It removes tangle and frizzes and prevents their formation. It has air cushion functions that make brushing hassle-free.

Wooden brush with wooden bristles



4. Belula Boar Bristle Hairbrush

This wooden hair brush by Belula is designed for thick, long and curly hair. It comes with boar bristles that lubricate your hair strand with sebum. As a result, the hair gets conditioned with natural oil from the scalp.

The bristles generate a feeling of relaxation that stimulates blood circulation. Its anti-static feature prevents the formation of frizz and tangles. The tresses look healthy bouncy and shiny.

Wooden handled hair brush

Benefits of the brush:

5. Sofmild Natural Wooden Hairbrush

Made up of bamboo and natural rubber, Sofmild wooden brush is the best option. The brush comes with lots of benefits to shower on your hair. The seamless wooden handle offers a good grip.

The rounded wooden bristles glide through hair reducing the unnecessary pull and breakage. The brush massage scalp so deeply that blood and nutrients flow get accelerated. The outcome is the stimulation of healthy hair growth. Your scalp gets de-stressed. Your hair gets rejuvenated with a sleek, supple andlustrous look.

Natural Wooden Bamboo Brush – Eco Friendly Paddle Hairbrush for Women Men and Kids



6. BFWood Short Paddle Brush

If you’re buying BFWOOD short paddle brush then, you get not only the brush but also a canvasstorage bag. But, BFWood offers a lot.Itsshort, curvy, black walnut handle offers a comfortable grip. The brush is travel friendly, indeed.One can hardly have any doubt about the durability of the brush.It is derived from natural beach wood.

The brush has soft-tipped bristles and a cushion base that detangles hair without any pull and breakage. So, hair fall gets minimised. Itssoft-tipped bristles run all over the scalp that accent the secretion of natural oil to condition hair.The feel of wood relaxes the scalp. And you get healthy hair with a healthy scalp.

Best wooden bristle hair brush – Black Walnut Hairbrush for Massaging Scalp



7. Redecker Maplewood Hairbrush

Are you looking for a hairbrush for regular use? Then Redecker Maplewood hairbrush fits your search. Designed by German Masters, this brush is different from other wooden hairbrushes.

This hairbrush is heavy. It is made up of high-quality wood that gives longevity and durability to the brush.

The look of the brush is quite unusual and attractive. It comes in stylish dark colour with a smoky scent that adds to the feature of the brush. The brush pleases the user both with its look and function. The wax-coated high-quality wooden bristles ensure safe combing and hair protection.

It has oiled thermowood, which makes the brush resistant to moisture and water. So, by using the brush, your hair looks healthy, soft and smooth every day.

Redecker Maple Pin Oval Wooden Hairbrush with Oiled Thermowood Handle



8. VKLW Natural Wood hairbrush

Thus is not a hairbrush, it is a handmade wooden hair tool. You get 1 handmade bamboo wood hairbrush and 2 handmade peach wood combs. Suitablefor all hair types of hair, this collection has great longevity. But, its efficiency cannot be questioned.

This brush is perfect for detangling and styling. Its wooden bristle runs through the hair and opens the knots present in it. It helps in natural oil secretion that conditions hair and prevents dandruff. It also repairs split ends and fight hair loss problem. Thus, the hair gets back its health.

Natural Wood Hair Brush with Wooden Bristles



9. Ineffable Care Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Ineffable care boar bristle hairbrush is one of the best wooden hairbrushes. But what is more interesting is, it comes as a kit.

The kit includes a boar bristle wooden hairbrush, a wooden comb, a hairbrush cleaner and a canvas bag. The hairbrush has natural bore bristles that stimulate the secretion of natural oil.

This promotes healthy hair growth. The pure bamboo wood frame is very efficient in relieving stress and tension. So, by using this brush you not only get healthy and shinyhair but also a healthy and rejuvenated scalp.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set for Women & Men (wooden hair brush)



Best wooden hair brush

The final word: Wooden hair brush benefits

The contribution of wooden hairbrush is unmatchable. What wonders the most is, a single product with no external help is so effective that one can hardly think of it. Only the natural harmless raw material is enough to create the magic. And, the best part is, it has no side effects.

All you need is the least investment of time and money. A wooden hairbrush is never too expensive to afford. The above products are the best few among the huge collection.

Every wooden hairbrush is best in its own way. So, why wait! Make use of this best affordable option available. Have gorgeous and healthy hair!

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