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7 Best Zara Perfume for Men: Get Captivated by the Aromas!

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Best Zara perfume for men: The first impression smell! Research states that our olfactory sense is the key to shaping first impressions. And women, more sensitive to body odors, have the sense sharper. After all, the attraction has a scent. That’s where Zara champions. Its enthralling, stylish, masculine fragrances deliver exceptional value.

However, with 200+ overflowing options, new launches, and limited figuring out the best appealing notes becomes hard.

So, fret not, at beaytycaters.com, I have entered the Zara world of fragrance and handpicked the best Zara perfumes for men. These are the best-rated fragrances that last hours and are head-turners.

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Zara Men's vibrant leather perfume

ZARA men’s vibrant leather eau de parfum

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7 Top Rated Zara Perfumes for Men

Here are the 7 best Zara perfumes for men:

1. ZARA Man Silver EDT

  • Quantity: 30ml.
  • Fragrancefamily: A citrusy, woody floral scent with a spice hint.
  • Top notes: Lemon, pepper, and lavender.
  • Middle notes: Neroli and orange blossom.
  • Base note: Cedar, sandalwood.
Zara Man silver EDT men's perfume review
Zara man silver perfume review

Number of Ratings: 26


Best for: All-day wear fragrance for casual and festive spring, summer, and fall.

Zara Man Silver Perfume Review:  Reminiscent of Gucci Guilty, the Cologne is something you would love to wear daily. It’s perfectly-balanced warm and fresh notes build a modern, pleasing scent that keeps you refreshed and cheerful all day. It is a fragrance that perfectly fits the days of spring, summer, and fall.

When sprayed, it emanates a refreshing citrusy, floral note of lemon and lavender with a zingy peppery nuance. As the top notes sit back, you get the clean notes of neroli, and orange blossom, which dries down to a pleasing woody, earthy appeal of cedar and sandalwood.

Pro tip: Apply on the clothing for an all-day fragrance.


  • Moderate silage.
  • 4-5 hour stay.
  • Skin pleasing.
  • Reasonable.


  • Unsuit formal wear.

2. Zara Night Pour Homme II – Night III Eau De Parfum

Night Pour Homme II

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Warm, oriental spicy scent with a woody trail.
  • Top Notes: Lemon, grapefruit, and Bergamot.
  • Middle Notes: Nutmeg, cardamom, and lavender.
  • Base notes: Vanilla, tonka beans, cedar, amber, and musk.

Number of Ratings: 159


Best for: Chilly nights of autumn and winter.

Product details: When the lights go down, switch your everyday scent to something an oriental, warm bit more seductive, but still soft. Zara’s Night Pour Homme II perfectly fits your need. It is a modern, provocative fragrance where spicy warm notes intermingle with dry woods for an intoxicating trail.

The fragrance pyramid opens with fruity, zesty notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon wrapped in the spicy, floral cocktail of lavender, cardamom, and nutmeg. It is soft yet citrusy, refreshing yet spicy. For a greater depth, the base, once settled, reveals warm woody notes with sweet accord.

Pro tip: Apply on moist skin to soak up a better scent.


  • Resemble Invictus Aqua vibes.
  • Chic and enigmatic appeal.
  • Decent silage and projection.
  • 5+ hours stay.


  • The scent may seem strong to some.
Zara Night Pour Homme II and Homme III
Zara Night Pour Homme II and Homme III

Night Pour Home III

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Warm, oriental spicy scent with a woody trail.
  • Top Notes: Bergamot and pear.
  • Middle Notes: Iris, osmanthus, pepper, and coriander.
  • Base notes: Vetiver, sandalwood, cashmere, and leather.

Number of Ratings: 159


Best for: Eves and nights of autumn and winter.

Product details: In the fall and winter nights, if you want to cast a sophisticated, refreshing, and irresistibly seductive trail, Night Pour Homme III should be the best suit. A recreation of YSL’s L’Homme, this is an elegant, woody fragrance with an iridescent floral explosion, refreshing and warm at the same time.

As you spray, the fruity notes of bergamot and pear greet you, wrapped in the floral explosion with a spicy hint. The heart lingers and settles to a fresh woody blend with luxurious vetiver and leather. It’s unique, great, and highly appealing.

Pro tip: Apply on moist skin to soak up a better scent.


  • 5+ hours longevity.
  • Smell expensive.
  • User’s firm favorite.
  • Great for a night out, dinner.


  • The first 5-7 minutes seem synthetic, which fades totally.

3. Zara For Him Red Edition

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Oriental fruity fragrance.
  • Top notes: Orange.
  • Middle notes: Amber
  • Base notes: Evernyl.

Number of Ratings: 20


Zara for him red edition review
Zara for him red edition

Best for: Autumn, winter, and spring day-to-night wear.

Zara for him perfume review: If you have the fragrance of Maison Francis Kurkidjian (MFK) Baccarat Rouge 540 in your budget, Zara FOR HIM Red Edition EDP fits best your need. It is a perfume you may not fall in love with at the first sniff but grows on you and draws compliments. This distinctive feature owes to the notes.

The fragrance opens with a citrusy note that takes you to the Italian plains bountiful with oranges. Once the top note sits, the heart takes over. It is the sweet and earthy amber that lingers with warmth and sensuousness. This earthiness exemplifies the evernyl base. Its powdery mossy note gives it a clean and crisp undertone.

Pro tip: Use it on unscented moisturizer to lock the fragrance.


  • Elegantly bottled.
  • Distinctive scent.
  • 5+ hour longevity.
  • 2-3 days lasting on clothing.


  • An expensive Zara line.

4. Zara for Him Blue Edition EDP

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Classic fresh, aromatic, woody scent.
  • Top notes: Coconut, pink grapefruit, and cardamom.
  • Middle notes: Orange blossom, fig, rosemary.
  • Base notes: Ambroxan, cedar, and patchouli.
Zara for him blue edition perfume review
Zara for him blue edition perfume review

Best for:  Daytime wear spring-summer for all-purpose and occasions.

Zara for him blue edition perfume review: Launched in 2022: Zara For Him Blue Edition is a fragrance curated for the modern, ambitious man who walks beyond limits to write his own destiny. It is a masculine fragrance having a classic aquatic woody blend unexpected for men. It is fresh, elegant, and sensual.

With coconut, pink grapefruit, and cardamom at the top, the first spritz greets you with fresh, timeless aquatic notes. But, the heart is more poignant and distinct. The aromatic, fruity, citrusy notes of rosemary, fig, and orange blossom denote new-age masculinity. Finally, when absorbed, the warm, woody, and sensual base exemplify masculinity.

Pro tip: Apply on moist skin to appease your senses with a comforting long-lasting fragrance.


  • Perfect for formal wear.
  • Elegantly-bottled.
  • 4-5 hour stay.


  • An expensive Zara line.

5. Zara Men’s Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Fresh soft citrusy, and earthy scent.
  • Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot.
  • Middle Notes: Leather and Bamboo.
  • Base Notes: Patchouli.
Zara Men's vibrant leather perfume
Zara Men’s vibrant leather perfume

Number of Ratings: 274


Best for: daytime spring-summer wear. It suits casual, formal, and festive wear.

Zara vibrant leather perfume review: Reminiscent of Creed’s Aventus in vibes, Vibrant Leather is a cologne that makes your summer days aromatic, refreshing, and pleasing. It is a cocktail of soft, sweet-&-sour undertones but more on the mature side, i.e., with a smoky, earthy nuance. The nuance adds character to the scent making it more alive.

Vibrant Leather EAD opens with crisp, citrusy notes of bergamot and lemon, which mellow down to reveal the soft luxurious heart. While bamboo adds softness, leather adds a luxe hint. And finally, the base has intoxicating earthy patchouli. It’s fantastic and attention-grabbing masculine.

Pro tip: Apply after showering for a better stay.


  • Cheerful crowd-pleasing scent.
  • Simple yet sophisticated.
  • Versatile.


  • 4+ hours stay.

6. Zara Men’s Tobacco Collection Eau De Toilette

  • Quantity:100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Warm, Oriental masculine scent with a spicy accord.
  • Top Notes: White Rum and Tobacco Flower
  • Middle notes: Peony, Tobacco Leaf, Cardamom, and Cloves
  • Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla.
Zara tobacco collection perfume for men
Zara tobacco collection perfume for men

Number of Ratings: 45


Best for: Though an all-rounder in autumn and winter, it is best for the eves and nights.

Product details: Think about a romantic night walk, date, or fun night out where your charismatic appeal talks the most. Zara Tobacco collection EDT with underlying warmth makes your evening and personality more classy, stylish, and attractive.

This renewed version of the 2016 original line opens with an expected addictive note. The spritz opens with tobacco flowers and a boozy white rum blend, taken over by zesty peony smoky tobacco leaf and spices. As it dries, the warm sweet bourbon vanilla base brings smoky wafts with musk to build its masculinity. There is no generic, direct tobacco blast.

Pro tip: Spray right after showering to boost its longevity.


  • 5+ hour longevity.
  • No direct tobacco hint.
  • Versatile.
  • Luxurious and expensive appeal.


  • Expensive Zara line.

7. Zara Men’s W/END TILL 8.00 PM &W/END TILL 3:00 AM

i) W/END till 8.00 PM

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Oriental fruity floral scent with a spicy accord
  • Top Notes: Mandarin Orange and Pineapple
  • Middle Notes: Lavender and Pepper
  • Base Notes: Amber and Leather.

Number of Ratings: 73


Best for: casual daytime dates in the chilly fall and winter.

Product details: Reminiscent of Paco Rabanne Invictus in scent, W/END Till 8.00 PM is a fragrance with a persuasive appeal. Its masculine fresh floral-sweetened undertone with warmth and sumptuousness sways women. They seem to love to be around.

Fresh citrusy notes greet you with the first spritz, which sets at the back, making room for the spicy floral cocktail to take over and dawdle. On settling down, the floral notes fade, leaving the sweet, warm, earthy amber, and luxurious leather to enter. It gives the scent a perfectly balanced luxurious, earthy appeal.

Pro tip: Apply on moist skin to soak up a better scent. For a long-lasting stay, apply on clothing.


  • 4-5 hour stay.
  • Charismatic appeal.
  • Value for money.


  • Moderate projection.
zara mens end 8pm

ii) W/END Till 3.00 AM

  • Quantity: 100ml.
  • Fragrance family: Fresh floral woody scent.
  • Top Notes: Pineapple and Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Lavender and Violet Leaf
  • Base Notes: Cedar.

Number of Ratings: 73


Best for: Late-night escapades throughout the year.

Product details: W/End to 3:00 AM is a minimalist version of Vibrant Leather, semi-sweet floral, more clean and restrained. It is a light, musky zesty scent with a refreshing vibe that grows with time. Initially, you will have an “I just got out of the shower” feel, which develops into something warm and earthy.

The fragrance opens with a refreshing citrusy appeal of pineapple and bergamot wrapped in a semi-sweet floral note. This floral note lingers on and is taken over with a woody cedar base with a sweet, warm amber hint.

Pro tip: For a long-lasting stay, apply on clothing.


  • Resemble PacoRabanne Black.
  • 4-5 hours stay.
  • Tropical freshening appeal.
  • Reasonable.


  • Moderate silage.

How to Choose Zara Perfume?

As stated by Master Perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek, buying a fragrance online is challenging for the obvious limitation – you can’t smell it through a screen. So, to make it easy for a shopper to know what to expect, follow these 4 features.


Unlike the facility available in the market, to get a better understanding, the main categories- fresh, floral, woody, and amber online comes in sub-categories. For example, the fresh scent can be citrusy or green. Hence, shoppers get a thorough glimpse of the types of notes they expect, middle and base. And once narrowed down to their preference, they are ready to shop.

Lasting Power

Fragrances come in four concentration levels. The higher the concentration, the stronger and long-lasting the scent. Perfumes with 2% to 4% concentration last four hours and are best suited for daily use. Perfumes with 10% concentration last up to eight hours and work best in workplaces. Perfumes having more than 10% concentration stay 12 hours or more. They best suit events. Even The price of perfumes depends on the concentration level.


Perfumes are curated based on seasons. The concoction of the nots compliments the season. For the spring and summer, go with soft and fresh fragrances such as floral, ocean breeze, and mint. They make the hot days refreshing and calm you. In the fall and winter months- go with warm and rich fragrances such as woody, amber, and musk. They create a warm aura. For the monsoons, oriental scents such as sandalwood suit the best.


Perfumes are a blend of essential oil or attar that builds chemistry with skin. So, choose the scents that cooperate with the skin type. If you have sensitive skin, choose natural scent fruits and flowers. Avoid synthetic fragrances and alcohol, parabens, camphor, benzaldehyde, or benzyl acetate. After all, you desire to be enigmatic by the spritz, not to face any skin issues.

Frequently Asked Question- best Zara perfume for him

Which is the best men’s perfume by Zara?

Vibrant Leather EDP is the best-rated men’s perfume by Zara.

Which Zara perfume for men is best as an evening wear?

As evening wear, Night Pour Homme III perfume is the best.

Which is the best Zara perfume for men and women?

Zara’s best unisex perfume is Red Vanilla.

Are all Zara perfumes clones of the renowned brand?

Yes. All Zara perfumes, whether for men or women, are clones or inspired by renowned brands.

What is the average longevity of Zara perfumes for him?

Zara perfumes outlast many budget fragrances. Standard silage and projection lasts for 4-6 hours.

Which is the best-rated spring-summer men’s perfume by Zara?

The best spring-summer perfume for him by Zara is Zara FOR HIM BLUE EDITION EDP.

Which Zara perfume for men is best as a regular wear?

Zara For Him EDT is the best regular-wear perfume.

Which men’s perfume by Zara has a good sillage?

Vibrant Leather EDP has sillage worth impressing.

What are best selling Zara perfumes for men?

The rich/warm/ addictive tobacco collection, Pour Homme collection are the most favorites among men.

Final Verdict – Best Zara Perfume for Men

We hope by now you have already selected the perfume you want in your wardrobe. However, just for information, these are the top-rated men’s fragrances by Zara with immense appreciation in all e-commerce sites.

Hence, give a tough fight to women guys in terms of fragrance and let us know who wins. Till then have an aromatic life.

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