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Use black castor oil for hair fall

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Full Guide on how to make black castor oil

Everyone knows how beneficial castor oil is for hair. Not only, this oil can reduce hair loss, it can also make hair thicker and stronger. The castor oil we usually use is light yellow in colour, but have you ever heard of or used black castor oil? You must be surprised!

Black castor oil for hair is like multi-vitamin serum, it is considered to be very beneficial for hair. It helps in hair growth. Learn about the uses and benefits of black castor oil.

While checking black castor oils benefits you can also find top 7 hair care mistakes that can ruin your hair.

How to make black castor oil

To make black castor oil, heat an iron pan on the gas or oven and stir well with the seeds.

After frying in a dry pan for a while, reduce the heat a little when you see the seeds turn light black.

Then keep stirring for a while, turn off the gas when you see the seeds are completely black and smoke is coming out of them.

Notice, the oil has also started coming out from the seeds. Then throw the hot seeds in the water. When it is little cold, take the seeds and take them in another pot and grind them well with a little water soaked in the seeds.

Now heat the pan and pour the seed mixture in it. Then continue to boil well. Stir occasionally. After boiling in this way for a while, you will see that the oil has been made. Strain the oil and you are have successfully prepared black castor oil.

How to make black castor oil
How to make black castor oil

How to use Black Castor Oil?

Castor oil is very beneficial for reducing hair loss. To apply castor oil to hair, lightly heat one tablespoon of castor oil.

Mix coconut oil with the castor oil. After applying coconut oil, you can easily apply castor oil on the hair.

After mixing coconut and castor oil, apply it well on the scalp and hair. Massage for a while. Wash your hair with mild shampoo after half an hour. For better results, it is suggested to keep the oil overnight.

Benefits of Black Castor Oil

Black castor oil being rich in nutrients, it helps perfectly in moisturizing the hair. Nutrients such as vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids and omega 9 fatty acids help to moisturize the hair and can also effectively reduce dandruff.

Soften Hair

Black Castor Oil is a natural conditioner that helps to soften hair. Castor oil can reduce hair breakage. The uses of castor oil makes new hair grow, and make the existing hair thicker. Black castor oil can also reduce the problem of dry-rough hair.

Benefits of black castor oil
Benefits of black castor oil

Strengthens Hair

According to research, black castor oil improves blood circulation to the scalp, which helps in hair growth. This oil also nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles, making the hair thicker and brighter. According to research, black castor oil can nourish hair follicles and thicken eyelids and eyebrows.

Effective result

By regularly using it for 2 times in a week, you will be able to see your hair quality and volume improving in less than 3 months.

Precautions while using Castor Oil

  • Wear your old t-shirt before applying black Castor Oil as this can cause stains.
  • Make sure to wash your hair with shampoo properly before drying them with a towel as it can strain your towel as well.
  • You may need two applicants of shampoo for complete removal of castor oil.

Do you also know?

Castor Oil is also used for eye lashes and eye brow growth. However, before you apply it on your eye lashes and eye brows, make sure you do not have makeup on your eyelashes.

Use a cotton ball, dip the oil in small quantity, close your eyes and evenly spread over the concerned area. Make sure, it shouldn’t go in your eyes.


If you have severe hair fall, it is always recommended to see your nearest dermatologist as Castor Oil cannot be used as prime remedy for extreme hair loss which may be due to various health issues.

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