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7 Hair care mistakes to avoid right now

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Excessive pollution, dust and lack of proper care can leave a detrimental effect on hair. This may result in hair loss, roughness and dandruff. And the fact is we do so much to care for our hair but nothing can avoid all these problems.

And still no change is seen, you know why? Because many of us, while taking care of our hair, unknowingly take some wrong steps. So after all the efforts, the hair problem gets worse instead of getting better. Today we will guide you on “Avoid 7 Hair care mistakes to save your hair”.

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7 Hair care mistakes to avoid right now

1) Washing hair with hot water

Many of us use light hot water while shampooing or washing our head. But did you know that it can cause serious damage to hair and scalp? A type of natural oil is released into the hair follicles, which helps to keep the hair follicles strong, hair growth and hair moisturized.

And, washing the head with lukewarm water destroys that natural oil and makes the hair rough-dry, dull. If you use hot water on the scalp for a long time, it can cause problems like itching on the scalp and the skin may become dry and sensitive. It also causes dandruff.

Washing hair frequently with hot water can damage your hair
Washing hair with hot water can damage your hair

2) Excessive use of hair dryer & straighteners

When hair is dried using frequent hair dryers, the hair and scalp lose moisture. The heat from it severely damages the hair and hair follicles. So it is better to dry your hair naturally rather than using blow dryer.

Heat emitted from hair dryers, straighteners and a variety of styling tools, causes severe damage to the hair and scalp. The hair loses its natural moisture, causing the hair to become coarse-dry, dull. Avoid using hair dryer and hair straighteners as much as you can.

Excessive use of hair care products can damage hair permanently
Excessive use of hair care products

3) Frequent hair washing or shampooing

The oil that is produced from the scalp protects the scalp and hair from drying out. So if the hair is washed or shampooed frequently, this oil becomes clear. As a result, the hair and the scalp lose their natural moisture and become dry. Even the hair follicles become weak. So it is recommended to wash your hair two or three days a week.

4) Shampooing rules

First of all, you should choose the right shampoo according to your hair type. The hair loss will be a little less. Also, you should know the exact rules of shampooing your hair to avoid damage.

It is important to comb the hair before shampooing. The scalp should be well shampooed to clean the scalp, but do not apply too much shampoo, as it will reduce the moisture in the hair.

5) Excessive use of chemical products

If you frequently use products with excess chemicals on the hair and the scalp, it can lead to severe damage to your hair and scalp. This can lead to dandruff and hair loss. So do use too much of chemical products to protect your hair or for styling.

Use sulfate free products. Also, frequent hair dyeing or highlighting means repeatedly application of chemicals.

Do not keep your hair open while sleeping
Do not keep your hair open while sleeping

6) Excessive use of hair combs

Excessive use of hair combs can cause hair loss as a result of excessive combing. Do not to use a comb immediately after washing hair. After the hair is dry, you can comb the hair with a large tooth comb.

7) Sleeping with your hair open

Many of us keep our hair open while sleeping, but it should not be done at all. It is very important to keep your hair tied while sleeping. It does not tangle the hair too much. And, if you don’t keep your hair tied, hair fall will increase a lot.

You can easily avoid these hair care mistakes and have beautiful lustrous hair.

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