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How to repair a broken nail at home

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A broken nail causes discomfort and pain if not treated or repaired in time. That’s why we provide you with 4 basic solutions on how to repair a broken nail at home – with this guide, your manicure will be perfect again!

Manicures have become almost a trend obsession in recent years. Gel, long, short, square, round, minimalist or ornate, the nail polish industry is expected to be worth more than 14 billion euros by 2024.

It is not surprising that beauty salons specializing in hand care have grown at breakneck speed. Hand care has become a beauty routine that we cannot live without, because right now there is nothing better than wearing small canvases of color and art on our hands.

But, back to the subject at hand, it is always annoying when a nail breaks, either by carelessness or by accident.

Apart from being painful, it seems that only a professional beautician could fix it, but can we let you in on a secret?

We have found 4 perfect solutions on how to repair a broken nail at home! So that your manicure is always perfect, take note of these tips.

1. Nail glue

If the nail has a slight breakage, use nail glue. It is the most basic method to fix a nail that has not broken completely. It is also very easy to do:

  • File the surface of the nail a little bit.
  • Apply one or two coats of quick-drying nail glue.
  • Finally, apply a coat of clear or colored nail polish to reinforce the nail and the crack.

As you can see, in three easy steps, the break or crack will be filled. You will be able to untangle your hair with your hands again without the nail getting stuck in your hair.

Use nail glue to fix a broken nail
Use nail glue

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2. The tea bag

We were completely unaware of this technique and the truth is that we have been enthralled to see how easy it is to repair a broken nail with a simple and easy tea bag.

This repair technique is ideal for fixing nails that are broken, split or hanging. Moreover, the procedure is simple, as you only need five steps to repair a broken nail:

  • Cut a small piece of a tea bag. Make sure it covers the entire surface and area of the broken nail.
  • Apply a drop of glue (nail glue) on the broken nail.
  • Place the piece of tea bag on the broken nail. With your fingers, make it mold to the shape of your nail.
  • Reapply nail glue and let it dry.
  • File the nail to remove uneven volumes and you are done.

This trick is very popular on the Internet and on social networks and countless girls and guys teach it step by step. The procedure is simple and yes, it works, which is the important thing. It also works if it is a tea bag that you have already used, it is a good way to reuse a tea bag.

Using tea bag to repair broken nail
Using tea bag to repair broken nail

Tip: throughout the week, every two or three days, reapply a layer of glue on the tea bag piece to reinforce it.

3. Broken Nail Repair Kit

One of the best-selling and top-rated products on Amazon is this broken nail repair kit, Orly Nail Repair, a nail filler powder, which is very easy to apply. In addition to being the longest lasting solution to fixing a broken nail, it’s also inexpensive.

To begin with, cut the nail as short as possible. Some say it’s better to file, but we recommend using nail clippers to reduce the length of the broken nail.

Do it little by little to remove as much of the soft part as possible. Then file the broken nail a little to make it thinner.

Now all that remains is to apply the three steps of this kit:

  • Apply a coat of the kit glue. Prevent the glue from transferring to the cuticle or skin.
  • Immediately sprinkle the filler powder over the nail or dip the nail directly into the powder.
  • Repeat the process three more times.
  • When the glue dries, file the nail with the polish contained in the kit.

If you notice excess glue on the cuticle or skin, you can remove it with pure acetone. After using the kit you can use a colored or transparent nail polish to give the nail an extra hardness.

Use a nail repair kit to fix broken nail
Use a nail repair kit to fix broken nail

4. Tissue paper strips

When the nail is completely broken and hanging down, you will need strips of fiberglass paper or silk and clear gel.

First, clean the nail well and cut a small piece of nail silk (it is self-adhesive). Then, apply the clear gel on the broken nail. When it dries, file the nail surface and remove the excess. Finally, re-varnish with the clear gel to give it an extra layer of strength and shine.

This is a way to create a protective layer until the broken nail grows out and can be filed properly.

Care of broken nails

Once you have repaired the broken nail, it is essential to align it and take care of it, so that the crack does not reopen and a small catastrophe of pain occurs. For example, you can moisturize them daily with a special cuticle oil.

If your nails are brittle or weak, care for them and pamper them even more. Always moisturize them, polish them and avoid any manicure that is too long or involves the application of very harmful products. For example, ISDIN’s nail strengthener called SI-NAILS is ideal for weak nails to make them grow stronger.

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