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Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream Review: Unlock Younger-Looking Eyes!

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Eye creams are more than a fancy skincare product. After all, that visible puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet need a specialist. And with the advanced formula, eye creams do more than treat existing issues.

With this prospect, renowned skincare brand Obagi brought the Elastiderm eye cream, which became the shopper’s favorite in no time.

So, what makes this eye cream unique? As the answer to the question, I came up with a firsthand review of the Obagi elastiderm eye cream review.

The Obagi Story

“Your skin is more than a product of your past; it’s the window to your future”-with this belief, Obagi entered the skincare world. The skincare line was founded by dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi in 1988 with medically acclaimed and recommended products to “unleash your skin’s full potential.”

Obagi, backed by the experience of 30 years, laid the foundation for a better future. Obagi products are the ultimate treatment for all skin problems—hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and skin damage.

Its regime revitalizes skin, even out the texture, and brightens the tone transforming your skin to flawless. All Obagi products are prescribed by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas.

Obagi Elastiderm eye cream benefits
Obagi eye cream review

The One-Minute Review

The Elastiderm Eye Cream is a pale blue-tinted lightweight skin rejuvenating cream designed for the thin, sensitive skin around the eye area.

Its gentle, quick-absorbing advanced formula provides skin the much-needed tender love & care by increasing collagen production and eliminating the signs of stress, aging, and other issues.

As a result, the skin firms up and looks healthy, young, and fresh all the time. This cream works on all skin types and textures—matured or damaged.

It even works on patients with dry eye syndrome and replenishes their eye area with moisture (as stated by the users).

B00303GLXYObagi ElastiDerm Eye Creamhttps://beautycaters.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/obagi-eye-cream-review.jpgObagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream helps revitalize the skin around eyes and rejuvenate your appearance. Our light, smooth cream contains proprietary ingredients that are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote the look of firmer, more resilient-looking skin around the eyes.InStock106.20USD2024-12-319354.54.55Obagi SkinCare
Obagi ElastiDerm Eye Cream Review

Obagi ElastiDerm Eye Cream Review

  • Clinically-proven formula.
  • Ophthalmological-tested.
  • Use a pea-size.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Takes time to get results.
  • Has paraben as preservative.

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The Detailed Review

Composition: What is in the Elastiderm eye cream?

  • Proprietary Bi-Mineral Contour Complex.
  • Emollients and glycerin.
  • Antioxidants enriched Vitamin E and blueberry extract.
  • Soothing licorice root extract.

Ingredients: Obagi elastiderm Eye Cream is a high-end cream formulated with a proprietary Bi-Mineral Contour Complex as the main ingredient, synthetic emollients, humectants, and natural extract. The Bi-Mineral Contour Complex has zinc, copper, and malonic acid, which together conduct the restoration of elastin for firm, smooth and resilient skin.

While the emollients soften the skin and reduce dryness, the humectant glycerin moisturizes skin, making wrinkles and fine lines less visible.

The cream also has antioxidants enriched Vitamin E and blueberry extract, and licorice root extract. Antioxidants combat free radicals, and licorice soothes and brightens skin.

Besides these super-ingredients, the formulation of the Elastiderm eye cream contains parabens preservatives. On that note, research and studies have sometimes affirmed and sometimes falsified the potential health hazard of paraben used in cosmetics.

However, the American Cancer Society has discredited the risk of breast cancer caused by paraben.

obagi elastiderm eye cream review

Performance:- What does the ELASTIderm eye cream do?

  • Gentle, non-sticky, quick-absorbing.
  • Reduce purple bags, wrinkles, and dryness.
  • Prevent recurrence of the problems.

Elastiderm eye cream is a gentle, non-sticky, quick-absorbing cream that gives your skin tender love care without feeling heavy or congested on the skin. Neither does it leave any trace behind.

The cream starts its job from the first day of use, which you can notice after a couple of weeks. The crow’s feet become less visible.

The purple bags lose their prominence, and the skin at the eye corner becomes smooth, toned, and resilient. The dry and flaky texture gets replaced by intense hydration.

Whatever the skin condition is-matured or damaged: Obagi eye cream assures the solution. As Rome was not built in a day, the cream needs time. In an 8-week clinical trial, women were seen to get pleased with the result.

  • 97% of women found the dry, rough texture of the skin hard or does not exist.
  • 88% of women found that their skin regained its elasticity or laxity.

The cream not just solves the issues it prevents their recurrence.

obagi eye cream benefits
Obagi eye cream

Price:- How much do I need to pay?

  • Economical in use.

Like, other Obagi products, the Elastiderm eye cream costs around $120 (price may vary). Though the price is a little hefty, the product is economical; you need only a pea-size of it, which makes the 15 gm tub easily last at least 5 months.

Availability:- Where can you get the Elastiderm eye cream?

  • Obagi and authorized online store.

You can avail ObagiELASTIderm eye care range from selected online stores. You can purchase it from the brand’s online store, or you can get it from authorized online sellers.

To buy it from the Obagi online store, enter your area zip code to find the nearest skin care professionals-cum-Obagi seller.

You can also get it from Amazon.com, one of the authorized sellers. However, ensure that the cream has recommended by your dermatologist, medical spas, and skin care professionals.

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How to use Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

Follow a regime; as you follow for your skincare.

  • Cleanse your face.
  • Take a pea-size cream.
  • Apply gently with the ring finger on the under eyes, lid, and corner creases.
  • Smoothen by gentle patting until it is completely absorbed.
  • Never pull the skin while applying.
  • Keep out of reach of the eyes.

Obagi recommends following this regime twice– in the morning and at night every day for effective results.

FAQs: the Obagi eye cream

Is Obagi eye cream cruelty-free?

Obagi tests none of its products on animals unless FDA makes it mandatory for drug safety purposes (only for prescribed products). And non-prescribed Obagi products are always cruelty-free.

Does Obagi have any return policy?

Since Obagi sells its products through authorized retailers or sellers, you must refer to the return policy of the retailer you purchased the product from.

To which skin type; does the Obagi eye cream aims?

The Obagi ELASTIderm eye cream is formulated for those with combination skin or normal, dry (moderately), and oily skin on the eye area. You can use it on dry skin only after expert consultation, as it can cause slight irritation initially.

Can women of any age use the Obagi eye cream?

Whether; you are in your twenties, thirties, or above fifties: Obagi products, including the eye care range, are meant for all. You would easily find 50+-aged women sharing their reactions.

Does Obagi have other products in the ELASTIderm range?

If you love the ELASTIderm® eye cream, Obagi has more products in the line to fall for.
The first pick me up is the ELASTIderm® Eye Serum for tired eyes. It is a rollerball serum formulated with the add-on benefit of caffeine, which reduces fatigue and under-eye puffiness. It is a daily-use product that you can easily carry in your handbag. Apply it only under the eye twice a day.
The newest formula in the line is the ELASTIderm® Facial Serum, harnessed with the power of the proven bi-mineral complex used in the eye care range. Like, the eye care range, the face serum firms up skin from the forehead to the jawline and leave it nourished, young, and glowing. In a 12-week clinical trial, almost all the participants confirmed firmer and healthy skin.

The Final Word:- The Obagi Elastiderm Eye cream Review

The pale blue tinted eye cream is a clinically proven formula that aims to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles and make skin healthy, firm, and glowing.

It is an ophthalmological-tested fragrance-free product assuring you give what you paid for. And it keeps its word. Of course, you will find positive and mixed reactions from the user about the product, but as I said, the cream works gradually, and you need to invest time. After all, you will not lose anything.

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