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An ancestral Asian beauty remedy, rice is an ingredient that has its own ritual in Japan, “Nuka Bijin”, which you can translate as “Beauty through rice”.

If the use of rice in cosmetics is not new, it is a practice that we are discovering little by little in the West. In China, Japan or Madagascar, rice and its cooking water have been used for centuries to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair.

By now you have assumed that we are discussing what is the benefit of rice water right? Let us start then!

what is the benefit of rice water on face and hair

Benefits of rice water in short

  • Moisturize the skin;
  • Regenerate cells;
  • Bring radiance and softness;
  • Protect from UV;
  • Reduce irritation;
  • Help with wound healing;
  • Gently cleanse the skin;
  • Matify the skin and tighten pores;
  • Polish the hair fiber;
  • Reduce frizz;
  • Strengthen the hair

How to prepare rice water?

Before attacking the list of benefits and uses of rice water for skin and hair, let’s start with the preparation of rice water.

rinse rice quickly in water to remove impurities
Rinse rice in water to remove impurities

Which rice to choose?

Simply the water from the rice you eat! No need to buy a “special beauty” rice, your cooking rice will be fine.

However, it could be useful to start with organic brown rice. It is rich in nutrients (especially fiber), excellent for health, and guaranteed without pesticides.

Organic rice also produces more concentrated rice water in minerals and vitamins, all without pollutants, which is always an asset for cosmetic care.

Soak rice into water for thirty minutes
Soak rice into water until the water becomes cloudy

Soaking rice water

The first recipe for preparing rice water is extremely simple:

Step 1: Take a bowl of uncooked organic brown rice

Step 2: Quickly rinse your rice in cold water

Step 3: Soak it into a fresh bowl of water twice the volume of the rice for 30-40 minutes (until the water becomes cloudy)

Step 4: Strain the water from the rice and keep in fridge inside a bottle or jar with a lid.

Cooking rice water

The other recipe for rice water is not really more complicated:

Step 1: Rinse a bowl of rice in cold water to remove impurities

Step 2: Cook the rice as regular food preparation

Step 3: Strain the water out of the rice when it is fully cooked

Step 4: Let the water to cool down

Step 5: Keep in fridge in a sealed bowl for further use

strain rice from the water to use it and preserve it
Strain rice from the water to use it and preserve it

Plain or fermented rice water which one should you use

Depends on your choice!

Some prefer to ferment rice water to increase its effects tenfold, especially those related to the antioxidants present in rice water, which multiply in a fermented preparation.

To make your fermented rice water (for cooking or rinsing), simply leave it in a closed container for 12-24 hours at room temperature. Remember not to keep it for several days. In that case the water will get fermented but it can gain bad smell.

What are the benefits of rice water for the skin?

Rice water is loaded with benefits for the skin thanks to its concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids which, all together, make the skin more beautiful and the complexion fresher.

We find in rice water, among other wonderful things, a large amount of B vitamins, potassium and zinc, particularly interesting ingredients to find a smooth and toned skin.

Benefits of rice water on face

So, what are the benefits of using rice water on your face?

Rice water is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, antioxidants and ferulic acid, which can help improve your skin’s tone, tighten pores and brighten your complexion. With regular use, rice water may even help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to improve your skin’s health, give rice water a try!

store the rice water for further use
Store the rice water for further use

How to use rice water on the face?

For your facial care, you can use rice water as follows:

As A Lotion

Use rice water as a lotion in the morning and evening on a cotton pad to gently cleanse the skin, tone it, moisturize it and make it more radiant.

As A Face Mask

As a youth mask: prepare a paste made from rice water and rice flour, two ingredients rich in antioxidants, and apply it to your face. This mask fights against skin aging and helps to regain plumper skin and a clearer complexion. Do it once or twice a week.

Treat Blemish Skin

As a treatment for blemished skin: rice water has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness associated with blemishes and soothe the skin. It is also astringent, which helps tighten pores for a flawless complexion.

Treat Skin Problem

As a poultice on eczema: rice water being anti-inflammatory and soothing, it can help you calm the itching associated with eczema. Soak a washcloth in rice water and lay it on the irritated area. Allow to air dry. Note that this works for any kind of skin irritation as long as there is no sore.

What are the benefits of rice water on hair?

Rice water is also recommended for hair beauty due to its starch and vitamin content.

The starch contained in rice water has the property of closing the scales of the hair, strengthening the fiber and taming frizz. As a result, this treatment provides softer, shinier and easier to comb hair.

To take advantage of its beauty assets, pour this water from scalp to ends during your last shampoo. Leave on for a few minutes before wringing out and drying.

After this rinse your hair will gain vitality thanks to this homemade and economical treatment. Apply once or twice a week after shampooing.

How to use rice water on hair?

You can benefit from all the virtues of rice water by using it as rinsing water after your shampoo or as a mask by leaving it on for about twenty minutes.

Do not hesitate, also, to use it as an ingredient in your DIY hair masks, for example with aloe vera or vegetable powders.

Check how to wash hair using beer.

Benefits of rice water in detail

1. Rice water boosts vitality

With its richness in nutrients, it would be a shame to throw it away! To enjoy it, you can simply let it cool and drink it like water or use it as a broth base in which you add pieces of vegetables, poultry or starchy foods (rice, pasta, etc.).

Rice water is indeed more natural and even more effective than commercial energy drinks. It will allow your body to stay well hydrated and regain a little dynamism. It can be kept for 48 hours in the refrigerator.

2. Rice water promotes digestion and treats diarrhea

Do you feel heaviness and digestive pain? To put an end to it, nothing like rice cooking water. “This contains fibers that give a boost to digestion and protect the intestinal flora. Finally, rice has astringent properties, drinking its cooking water is a boost in case of diarrhea”, specifies Marie- Laura Andre. To drink at the first symptoms.

3. Rice water protects the skin from aging

Another advantage of this water, it allows the skin to protect itself from aging. “It contains the antioxidants naturally present in rice, especially when it is complete, such as selenium, copper or even zinc”, specifies our expert. Applied to the skin with a cotton ball, it helps the epidermis to slow down the aging of cells. This treatment is to be used morning and evening on the face, replacing your usual lotion for fresh, plump skin.

4. Use rice water as a conditioner

Use unfermented rice water as the last rinse for your hair. It will make them shinier and softer.

Rice water is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Japanese and Korean women are known for their perfect, flawless skin, and one of their beauty secrets is rice. In Korea, several cosmetic brands have even introduced it into their beauty products. So don’t throw away the rice water and take advantage of all these benefits for your beauty.

5. Using fermented rice water as a hair mask

Pour the fermented rice water over your washed hair, from roots to ends, and massage your scalp for 5 minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse. This treatment is to be done once a week (no more). Fermented rice water makes hair stronger and shinier. It stimulates hair bulbs, accelerates hair growth and prevents the appearance of dandruff.

6. Use rice water as a toner to clarify skin tone, treat acne and remove dark spots on face

Every other night, replace your usual tonic with raw rice water or diluted cooked rice water. Using a cotton pad, apply the rice water to the cleansed face. Let dry before applying your other care products.

7. Use rice water to tighten facial pores

Pour the rice water into an ice cube tray and put in the freezer. If you need an immediate boost for your skin, wipe an ice cube of rice water on your face to tighten pores instantly.

8. Use rice water to soothe the skin

Apply cold rice water to relieve mosquito bites, eczema, redness and rashes.

9. Use rice water to relieve sunburn

Mix rice water with Aloe Vera gel and apply to the sunburn for immediate relief.

Conclusion – Benefits of rice water

So throughout this article you have been able to discover or rediscover rice water and its many benefits for the face and hair. Ideally used, it will allow you to find a little pep and you will thus benefit from a good boost of radiance. No more dull complexions and hair, make way for light!

Do not forget to read about Nuka Bijin! So what are you waiting for to let yourself be tempted by the benefits of rice water?

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