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Best Scrub for Dry Skin in India

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Have you ever wondered why we feel dryness and flakiness on our skin? Here is the reason. The deposition of dead cells and dirt creates a layer on our skin surface. And a proper Cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine will be of no help unless you remove the dead cells.

Wondering, what is the solution? Exfoliation, dear, exfoliation. A good exfoliator or a scrub is the only solution. And in this article, you will get to know about the best scrub for dry skin in India.

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Best scrub for dry skin in India

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead cells from the skin surface with a scrub. After every 30 days, skin sheds dead cells naturally, but sometimes those cells stay on the skin. Here, a scrub does its magic. It removes those cells leaving skin smooth, fresh, and nourished.

10 Best scrubs for dry skin in India

1. Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut scrub

Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut scrub is one of the best face scrubs for dry skin available in India. Reviews say so. Why? Have a read. It has natural walnut shell particles that remove dead cells and impurities that block pores, cause blackheads, and whiteheads.

It also has Nano-Multi Vita that acts in the nourishment and revitalization of the skin. In a nutshell, this walnut scrub makes skin pure, smooth, and beautiful.

Best face scrub for dry skin in India
Everyuth Naturals Walnut scrub


  • Made with walnut shell and Nano-Multi Vita.
  • Removes dead cells, dirt; unclog pore; terminates blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Nourishes and revitalizes skin; evens out skin tone.
  • It Suits all skin types.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It does not wash off easily.
  • Not suitable for dry skin.

2. Biotique Bio Walnut Purifying and Polishing Scrub

We all know how effective the Biotique products are! And so does this walnut scrub. The amalgamation of pure walnut oil with neem, red sandalwood, mint, and fenugreek extracts polishes and purifies the skin.

It removes dead cells and dirt, sweeps dry lines leaving the skin smooth, spotless, soft, and refreshed. In fact, with its use, your skin texture will enhance.

Best body scrub for dry skin in India
Best body and face scrub for dry skin in India


  • Enriched with vitamin A and lecithin, nutrients of pure walnut oil.
  • Purify and polish skin.
  • Remove dead cells and dirt; sweep dry lines.
  • Make skin smooth, spotless, soft, and refreshed.
  • 100% organic and cruelty-free product.
  • Have no added chemicals, artificial preservatives, and synthetic fragrance.
  • Suits normal to dry skin of all gender.
  • Available in various quantities.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • Tiny exfoliating granules.
  • Do not remove blackheads.

3. Mamaearth CoCo Face Scrub

Mamaearth presents CoCo face scrub, one of the best scrubs for the face especially, in India. This exfoliating face scrub is best for sensitive skin, dry skin, combination skin, and oily skin.

Enriched with the goodness of cocoa, coffee, and Shea butter, the scrub purifies, moisturizes, and heals skin. At the same time, the skin elasticity gets improved, the process of aging stays in control.

Best face scrub for women in India
Mamaearth CoCo Face Scrub


  • A dermatologically tested unisex product.
  • The anti-oxidant cocoa removes dead cells, cuts down the aging process, improves skin elasticity.
  • Anti-inflammatory Shea butter moisturizes, nourishes, and heals skin.
  • Coffee removes dead cells and other impurities.
  • Free from paraben, silicone, SLS, artificial preservatives.
  • It works on all types of skin.


  • It is overpriced.
  • It has a fluid consistency.

4. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Himalaya Wellness has been formulating products that suit our skin and our need. And, this time, it has brought the exfoliating walnut scrub. It is one best exfoliating unisex scrubs that performs well on dry and all other types of skin.

It contains Crab Apple, Wheat Germ Oil, and Walnut Shells as the main components. Lastly, you will have to spend only a few bucks on it.

Best exfoliating scrub for dry skin
Best exfoliating scrub for dry skin


  • The antiseptic and keratolytic properties of Crab Apple loosen dead cells and reduce inflammation.
  • Crab apple also smoothens and soothes skin.
  • Rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ oil cools, nourishes the skin, and boosts elasticity
  • Natural walnut shells remove the dead cell, dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • It is a dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic hypoallergenic product.
  • A budget-friendly product for all types of skin.
  • It comes in travel-friendly and spill-proof packaging.


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It does not have a pleasant fragrance.

5. Khadi Mauri Herbal Apricot Face Scrub

Khadi Mauri herbal face scrub is one of the best face scrubs in India. Let’s see why? Its ayurvedic and natural composition works brilliantly. It removes blackheads, dead skin, and dirt.

The apricot extract reduces blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes the skin. And from the dryness, itchiness, and dullness on the skin, the herbal formula gives good protection.

Best face scrub for glowing skin in India
Khadi Mauri Herbal Apricot Face Scrub


  • Has a formulation of Ayurveda with natural extracts
  • Apricot reduces blemishes and pigmentation.
  • Herbal extracts remove dead cells, protect dryness, itchiness, and dullness.
  • Skin becomes soft, supple, revitalized, and glowing.
  • Free from paraben, SLES, and harmful chemicals.
  • It is a cruelty-free product that suits all types of skin.
  • Very affordable.


  • It has a strong fragrance.
  • The packaging in a bottle is not ideal.
  • Exfoliating particles may affect skin if rubbed vigorously.

6. Lotus Herbals Apriscrub

If you want a scrub that exfoliates the skin and adds glow simultaneously, Lotus Herbal apriscrub is a good option. It is one of the best options for glowing skin and the best lotus scrubs for sensitive skin.

It is a unisex product that works on every skin type.

Best face scrub for combination skin
Best face scrub for combination skin


  • Enriched in natural ingredients.
  • Walnut shell powder removes dead cells, blackheads and clean clogged pores.
  • Glycerin restores moisture and softens skin.
  • It has an oil-absorbing formula that keeps skin refreshed.
  • Works on every type of skin of all gender.
  • An inexpensive scrub.


  • It contains some amount of paraben.
  • Can worsen patches of sunburn.
  • Daily use can make skin dull.

7. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating scrub is the best option of face scrub for women in India. Why best? When most scrubs eliminate blackheads from the skin surface, this scrub does a more intense job.

It scrubs out blackheads and prevents the formation of new ones. If you use this scrub, your skin would not feel dry as it strengthens the natural water and oil balance. Now, understand why it is on this list of bests.

Natural face scrub for dry skin
Natural face scrub for dry skin


  • It is a non-comedogenic product tested by dermatologists.
  • It scrubs out blackheads and prevents the formation of new ones.
  • It removes dead cells, dirt, and excessive oil by penetrating deep into pores.
  • It strengthens the natural water and oil balance.
  • Skin becomes soft, clean, and refreshed.
  • Best scrub for dry, oily, sensitive, and normal skin.


  • This face scrub is expensive.
  • Do not daily.
  • This scrub does not work well on the tough skin of men.

8. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub

Are you looking for a scrub that is applicable both on the face and body?  Then, Aroma Magic mineral glow scrub is one product you should have. This scrub is one of the best natural face scrub and body scrub available for dry skin.

It exfoliates, cleans pores, reduces fine lines, mineralizes, and saves skin from pollution and dirt.

Best face scrub for fairness
Best face scrub for fairness


  • It is composed of natural and organic ingredients.
  • It is both a face and body scrub.
  • It cleans pores and blockage, removes dead cells, reduces fine lines.
  • It saves skin from pollution and dirt.
  • It is free from alcohol, paraben, harmful chemicals, and artificial fragrance.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin especially, dry skin.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Grains may feel hard on sensitive skin.
  • It does not stay long.
  • It is not suitable for oily or pimple-prone skin.

9. Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub

Lotus Herbal White Glow is the latest popular skin brightening range of the brand. But, do you know the collection also includes a skin brightening scrub? Yes, the oatmeal and yogurt skin whitening scrub removes dead cells, dirt, impurities and gives a clear, glowing look.

And against the blackheads and whiteheads, this scrub is very effective. This product deserves in the list of the best whitening scrub for the face, indeed.

Lotus scrub for sensitive skin
Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal Scrub


  • It removes dead cells, dirt, impurities, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • It prevents dullness and discoloration of the skin.
  • Oatmeal hydrates skin and locks moisture.
  • Yogurt prevents tanning and aging.
  • It gives clear and glowing skin.
  • Suitable to normal, dry, combination, oily skin.
  • Available in various quantities.


  • It has a strong fragrance.
  • Scrub grains are a little hard on sensitive skin.
  • It contains paraben.

10. VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub

Do you have combination skin and want a scrub for your skin type? Then, VLCC Indian Berberry faces scrub is for you. It is one of the few face scrubs that works well on combination skin.

To add more, this is one of the best face fairness or brightening scrub after Lotus white glow. And the credit goes to the Indian Berberry that has antiseptic and skin whitening properties.

Best whitening scrub for face
Best whitening scrub for face in India


  • Remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead cells, dirt.
  • Indian Berberry has anti-bacterial and skin whitening properties.
  • Apricot scrub away damaged skin, prevent pigmentation, resurfaces luminous skin.
  • It is a cruelty-free and alcohol-free product.
  • It works best on combination skin.
  • It is available within budget.


  • It is not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Quantity is lesser than claimed on the pack.

Which scrub is the best in India?

How good a scrub depends on one’s skin type and how good it performs? But, if I give my opinion Everyuth Walnut scrub and Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub are the best. Everyuth Walnut Scrub is a product I have been using consistently since 2012. And I have dry skin.

Himalaya is a brand that has had a trustworthy relation with customers for 90 years. Himalaya products are very effective. So, does this scrub.

How to select a Scrub?

While choosing the correct scrub for your skin, consider two factors: skin type and its ingredients.

1. Skin Type

For normal to dry skin and for combination skin have a gentle exfoliator that contains AHA. Oily skin people go for a scrub with BHA.

2. Natural Ingredients

A chemical-free scrub composed of natural ingredients does the best exfoliation. So, go for the one that has natural ingredients.


Over-exfoliation can make skin dry and cause excessive oil production. You should exfoliate the skin once or twice in 2 weeks. It is because overuse of scrubs can cause rashes, redness, and irritation. For those who have oily skin, you should exfoliate your skin not more than twice a week. And acne-prone people consult a dermatologist for recommendation as a scrub can accentuate your problems.

Final Word : Best scrub for dry skin in India

In a nutshell, face scrubs have a significant role to play on the skin. After all, who does not want beautiful, nourished skin with no problems!

So, here we present the way of getting such skin through the best scrubs. These scrubs are the bests available in India.

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