10 Best Nail Polish for French Manicure base

Recently, I came across a picture of French Manicure of my friend that she had posted on her social media account. And trust me the nails look so gorgeous and chic that you will definitely fall in love with them.

But, yes this love is quite expensive. However, if you want that gorgeous nails within your budget, you can have them.

And that too, at home. How? Very simple. All you need is a best nail polish for French Manicure base, that you can find here.

How to do a French manicure / Beginners guide to French Manicure

French Manicure! What is it?

French Manicure is a way of styling nails with a simple but classic and elegant look. This manicure not only beautifies your nails but improves their quality.

In other words, you can say that your nails look beautiful chic, and stay protected at the same time.

The first thing that you should remember in regards to, French Manicure nail polish is, most of the nail polish comes in a kit or set which includes all the required equipment for the treatment.

Also, this Manicure nail polish should have a long-lasting effect because we would not love to redo our nails very often.

Therefore keeping in mind all the details here we are:

10 best nail polish for French manicure

1. Beetles French White Glitter Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

French manicure nail polish
French manicure nail polish

The E- nude pink and white collection is one of the best french manicure kits for beginners. So, if you are trying your hand for the first time that you can invest in it. It comes in the form of an all-in-one manicure kit which includes:

  • A collection of 6 beautiful classy gel nail polish. A base coat.
  • A no wipe clear topcoat.
  • A 48W portable LED lamp.
  • A cuticle oil.
  • A cuticle pusher.
  • A cuticle fork.
  • A nail file.
  • A nail separator.
  • A nail clipper.
  • A nail brush for hands.
  • A nail brush for toes.

Made with 9toxinfreegels and no harmful ingredients the gel polish is completely safe. It imparts an elegant natural look to your nails. Also, the manicure nail polish does not smell strong.

The gel manicure collection is easy to wear and clean. You can remove it simply with a paper towel.

Now if you think that with all such attributes this collection is expensive then you are mistaken. The entire kit fits your budget.

However, when durability is concerned this kit is less durable. But for a novice, it is a good choice to start with.

2. Vishine Gel Polish French Manicure Kit

Best French manicure kit
Best French manicure kit

If you want to give your nails a salon-like finish, then Vishine gel polish French Manicure kit can be a perfect choice. The infused durable gel-formula makes the nail polish exceptionally strong and long-lasting. The polish lasts for 21 days.

Certified safe by MSDS, FDA, SGS this gel French Manicure impart the nails beautiful soft pink colour with a glossy finish. Hence the nails look elegant and bright.

The kit contains four bottles that include

  • A clear pink gel nail polish.
  • A base coat.
  • A topcoat.
  • A white polish.

 The best part of the gel manicure kit is, it does not require any kind of grinding, filing after application. Your nails will get the salon look for sure.

3. AZUREBEAUTY 5pcs Dip Powder Gel Liquid Set

Best French manicure polish
Best French manicure polish

AZUREBEAUTY certainly brings one of the best French Manicure kits which gives salon finish nails easily at home. This kit contains

  • A bond.
  • A base coat.
  • An activator instead of an LED lamp.
  • A top coat.
  • A brush saver that cleans the residue of the brush and saves it from getting hardened.
  • 3 replacement brushes.

The whole collection has natural resin as the core raw ingredient which is easy to apply and gives a high quality long-lasting and smooth finish. As a result, your nails get a chip-resistant, crack-resistant manicure that lasts for at least a fortnight.

The best part of this collection is the quick dry activator which is a remarkable replacement for the LED lamp you need for curing. It is easy to apply which dries fast.

The whole collection takes only 30% less time than an acrylic manicure kit.

You get lovely nails with a mirror shine finish to flaunt.


4. ZOYA Women’s Starter Manicure Kit

If you want your nails to look gorgeous naturally then ZOYA Women’s starter kit is the best choice. It gives nails an intense therapeutic treatment for a long time. As a result, your nails become strong and flexible.

All the components in the kit are made up of vitamin E, red algae, and Gingko as the core ingredients that support cellular renewal, improves microcirculation and oxygenation respectively. Therefore your nails become healthy, hydrated and resilient.

French manicure nail polish (French manicure set)
French manicure nail polish (French manicure set)

Moreover, this manicure kit helps to eliminate nail discoloration, the ridges get smoothens and the cracking and pitting get filled.

Easy to use this All-in-One kit contains

  • 1naked base.
  • A pink perfector.
  • A white perfector.
  • A satin seal top coat.

Thus, with the satin seal top coat, your nails get a healthy smooth and shiny exterior finish, with a healthy growth.

5. Dip Powder 12 Colors Kit for French Nail Manicure

Powder nail polish is a successful innovation in the world of nail style and care. Dip powder 12 colours kit is a range of powder nail polish for French Manicure which is counted among the best.

The collection consists of 12 best classic french Manicure nail colours.

If you’re trying your hands in French Manicure for the first time then this is an absolutely apt product.


Because, it comes in the form of a powder. It dries faster than acrylics or liquid enamel. Moreover, the powder form does not let it get cracked or get peeled off and chipped. Rather, it stays longer for more than a couple of weeks. Lastly, you do not require any LED or UV lamp for curing, an activator is all you need.

French manicure with pink base
French manicure with pink base

The collection is extremely healthy as it is formulated with organic, vegan, non-toxic ingredients.

However, the collection only includes 12 powder nail enamels. Base coat, top coat, activator are not included in the range.

Though it is best for beginners, experienced practitioners will too fall in love with it.

6. AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish – Rose Nude

Those who are looking for light and natural shades of gel nail enamel, Aimeili is one brand to bank upon.

It has more than 8 different gel polish ranges which are fun, unusual, innovative, and at the same time very attractive and tempting.

French manicure gel polish
French manicure gel polish

The Rose-Nude is a classic light pink French Manicure shade. It gives both clear pink and soft pink colours to your nails. For the translucent look 1coat of it will give a clear pink shade and if you want an opaque look then an application of 2-3 coat will certainly give you the exact pink colour.

It has an infused high gloss formula that gives the nail a long-lasting mirror-shine finish. This nail colour does not get chipped, smudged. So, if you want a French-style Salon like soft pink nails then you can go for it.

7. Gellen 12 Colors Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

“Imagine your having a luxurious Salon-style French Manicure at home.”Well, this imagination can become a reality, indeed.

Presenting here the Gellen 12 colour gel nail polish starter kit that contains all the components that will give you the luxurious FrenchManicure at home, within your budget. It contains:

  1. 12 amazing shades of gel nail colour.
  2. A 72W nail lamp.
  3. 1 top coat.
  4. 1 base coat.
  5. 1 nailfile.
  6. 1 nail brush.
  7. 1 nail buffer.
  8. 1 cuticle fork.
  9. 1cuticle oil pen.
  10. 1matte topcoat.
  11. 10 nail clean pads.
  12. 20 nail remover pads.
  13. 1AB multi shapes nail art rhinestones.
  14. 1 nail /toes separators.
  15. Pink and silver nail art glitters.
  16. 2 gold and silver coloured striping tape.
  17. 1 nail sticker of random design.
  18. 1 sheet of various design French sticker.
  19. 1 pair of moisturizing hand mask gloves.

Composed of natural resins and other non-toxic environment-friendly ingredients the collection is a healthy product for your nails.

Best nail polish for French manicure base (French nails kits)
Best nail polish for French manicure base (French nails kits)

The nail colour collections contain warm and cool earthy tones. Neutral tones shiny glitter white and glitter Rose shades that present your nails with a classic elegant look.

So, this is all-in-one luxurious style kit is one product that you should think to have for a luxurious French Manicure you always desire.

And the best part is it completely fits your budget.  It costs less than 1 manicure session.

8. Ella+mila Nail Polish, Love Collection – French Mani Set

The first thing to note about this sweet “mommy & me” French Manicure set is, it is PETA certified. It means no test of the product was carried out on any animals.

Clear pink nail polish for French manicure
Clear pink nail polish for French manicure

The “Mommy & me” set is a pair of white and pink nail polish that comes in a big “mommy” bottle and a small “me” bottle.

This is a pair of French Manicure nail polish that gives a pretty, sweet long lasting looking to your nails. Oh! They are chip-resistant, too.

9. MEMEDA Nail Gel Polish Spring Summer Nail Art Colors Nude Milky UV LED Soak Off Clear Nail Gel Kit

What about a sophisticated manicured nail? It looks awesome, right. MEMEDA spring summer gel nail polish collection gives you a refreshing sophisticated look that you have ever desired.

French manicure gel polish (French color nails)
French manicure gel polish (French color nails)

It provides a classy and sheer finish to the nails that stay for more than 2 weeks. The nails look eye-soothing and elegant. Its contents

  • A gel nail polish.
  • A gel nail polish base coat.
  • A gel nail polish top coat.
  • A gel nail polish glitter top coat gel.
  • A nail polish magic remover.

You get a simple natural yet, sophisticated look on your nails.

10. Sally Hansen Treatment, Diamond Strength French Mani, Pen Kit

For over decades Sally Hansen has been a famous name in the world of nail care. In fact, it ranks among America’s top personal care brand. Among a huge range of nail care products The Diamond strength, French Mani Pen kit is one of the noted ranges from the house.

French tip manicure
French tip manicure

Formulated with the micro Diamond formula it provides a long-lasting elegant look to the nails. Infact, it has remarkable durability and strength that makes it chip-resistant and crack-resistant.

This easy to use French Manicure kit contains

  • A white tip pen.
  • A base and top coat.
  • A subtle nail colour.
  • A user guide.

The whole collection aims to give your nails a simple natural glossy finish that makes your nails chic and elegant. The white tip precision pen which a must-have component of French manicure simply elevates the level of the kit. Your nails have all the possibility to grab attention.

How to do a French manicure with gel polish?

Using gel polish with all the required equipment is very easy you just need to follow the following steps

  • With the file trim, buff, and file nail to get a clean and dry surface.
  • Apply a thin layer of the base coat and cure it under UV or LEDlamp for 60 seconds. Note, after curing the basecoat will remain sticky so, do not wipe out.
  • Next, apply a thin layer of the colour gel polish you want to and cure it too under UV or LEDlamp for 60seconds. For a thick layer, you can apply more than 1coatof the gel polish. Note, the gel polish will feel sticky until sealed with the top coat. Do not forget to wipe the excess colour while applying the strokes.
  • Seal the polish with the top coat and cure it for 60 seconds, under the UV or LED lamp. You should use the brush to seal the nail edges horizontally so that the polish does not get chipped or peel off.

Final words – Best nail polish for French manicure base

Hence all the mentioned collections proved that French Manicure at home is possible with no hassle.

It is very easy and economical at the same time. Whether you are a novice or an expert the products are always there to help and make you fall in love with your nails again and again.

You may not visit the salon anymore. If you have the desire to make your nails look classic, elegant and luxurious just like me, then go for the one that appeals to you the most. Explore the world of French Manicure – Salon style.

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