Top 9 Best Waterproof Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes

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It is being said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. The look undoubtedly has the power to seduce, and this power increases with the right eye make-up. The eyeliner alone has the power to add glamour to your eyes. However, our best eyeliner must possess below factors, especially when it comes to sensitive eyes:

  • It should be best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.
  • It should be best smudge proof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.
  • It should be easy to apply.
  • It should be long lasting.
  • It should not irritate the eye lids when applied.

In this article, I am going to disclose eyeliners that are not only best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes but also possess all other qualities of good eyeliner. For example: L’Oréal Paris Eyeliner waterproof brush Superliner has been appreciated for its long-lasting formula. Cai Glitter & Glow, for its part, is distinguished by its gold color which will make you shine in the evening.

9 Best best waterproof eyeliner (Based on reviews & tests) of 2020

L’Oréal Paris Eyeliner water proof brush Superliner– Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

Who wouldn’t want to get the best eyeliner in the market? What better way to do this than to turn to a well-known brand like L’Oréal Paris which is equally reliable and trusted brand for cosmetics.

L’Oreal Paris presents us with best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes. Thanks to a carefully studied formula, this product does not smudge with passing time. Thus, you will be able to enjoy attractive sparkling eyes all day long without any worry. In addition, the intense black lacquered color of this eye liner will enhance your look. It will make you look both mysterious and charming. Also, the 2ml liquid eye liner contained in this bottles enough to carry on for not less than 2 months. This is even the best eyeliner for sensitive eyelids.

Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4/5

Pros & Cons of L’Oréal Paris Eyeliner waterproof brush Superliner


Liquid formula: Thanks to this characteristic, you will be able to obtain a shiny and tenacious result. As L’Oreal has used waterproof technology here, this best eyeliner for sensitive eyes won’t smudge because of sweat or tears. The rain will also have no effect.

Safe: This product has undergone an ophthalmological test. In the sense, it will not lead to any risk to your eyes. It adapts to the most sensitive eyes and even if you wear contact lenses.


Soft Applicator: If you prefer dry stick pencil style eyeliners, you may take time to adapt with this liquid eyeliner.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner Pencil – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Neutrogena brings you an eyeliner pencil that will give you soft smoky, luminous, non-fading and non-smudging look. Its smoky black color will bring a touch of glamor to your eyes while illuminating it. Thanks to this best eye liner for sensitive eye lids, even in the simplest outfit, you will not miss a glamourous look. And to better meet your needs, the brand has chosen a waterproof formula that makes this eyeliner as best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes. So whenever now you are invited to an occasion, you just need not to worry about the sweat spoiling your make-up. No more spending time in the bathroom doing touch-ups.

Built-in Sharpener for Precise Application – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Built-in Sharpener for Precise Application – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4.5/5

Pros and Cons – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes


Waterproof : With this attention from the manufacturer, you’ll get long-lasting wear at a decent price. In addition, you will not face smudging of an eyeliner resulting from sweat.

Glamorous color: The smoky black color in itself brings elegance. As for the sequins, this color will enlighten your eyes to make it more expressive.

The pencil form allows for its easy application. Because the grip is comfortable, you can now make a thin or thick line as per your wish.


Discreet reflection: Some ladies do not find it conspicuous enough. According to them, for a more pronounced result, the eye shadow should be clear rather than being smoky.

Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit – No Glue Needed – Best smudge proof eyeliner

If you are still wondering which eyeliner to choose, take a look at this model from Arishine. This package comes with 5 Pairs of Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes and 2 Tubes of Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, Upgraded 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Kit with Tweezers Inside. You don’t need a glue anymore to put on artificial eye lashes.

Eyeliner: With this magnetic eyeliner, you can now wear super smooth line without any smudge. This is best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes. This eyeliner can last for hours with same effect. The beautiful black color will give you a stunning look.

Eyelashes: These eyelashes are so light that they will not tend to weigh down your eyes. Thus, you will get more or less natural result. Moreover, these eyelashes are reusable. You can remove them and put them back and use as many times as you want. Be careful, while storing them properly so as not to damage them.

Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4.5/5

Pros and Cons – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.


Complete Kit: At a very decent price, this product comes with 5 pair’s reusable magnetic eyelashes with upgraded 3D magnetic eyelashes and 2 tubes of magnetic eyeliner kit and tweezers for application.

Easy to wear and easy to remove. Just put on the eye liner first followed by eye lashes, once eye liner gets dry.

Stunning and natural appearance: Thanks to the lightness of the eyelashes and their ultra thin appearance, your eyes will not appear overloaded. You will then benefit from a discreet rendering pleasing to the eye.


You need to wait for the eyeliner to dry off completely before applying your magnetic eye lashes.

Note: You can also check Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner, Natural Look, Waterproof and Smudge Resistant.

Eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Eyeliner for sensitive eyes

SEPHORA COLLECTION: Sephora Long-Lasting 12 HR collection – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Finding the best performing eyeliner is no easy task. To find the right product, you have to compare a fairly large number of them. It is with this in mind that this product will suffice your requirements.

If you are tired of carrying out touch-ups all day long, this variation is for you. Thanks to its long-lasting hold, you won’t have to increase its intensity for the next 12 hours.

As for the applicator, it only attaches the right amount of product. Thus, you will succeed in making a straight line in one pose. Enough to save time every morning when you get ready.

The black color chosen by the manufacturer seems discreet for a harmonious marriage with the shades that you will like for the rest of the makeup. If you like simplicity, this variation will satisfy you.

Best waterproof eyeliner
Best waterproof eyeliner

Rating : 4.5/5

Pros and Cons – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes.


Long-lasting: We particularly appreciate its 12-hour hold. Thanks to this feature, you will be peaceful all day long even if you do not bring the product with you.

Easy to handle brush: No need to dip it several times in the bottle to be able to finish your line. As soon as you take out the applicator, there will be the ideal amount to perform a precise line.


Not waterproof : Even if this eyeliner does not crumble for a good dozen hours, it is not water resistant. It will therefore be necessary to be careful on this side.

You can also check Sephora Collection Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24 Hr Wear – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

Eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Nyx Professional Makeup Eyeliner felt epic ink liner – Best liquid eyeliner for beginners

Are you looking for the best brand of eyeliner? Nyx Professional Makeup products will surely suit your expectations. This eyeliner being intensely pigmented and best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes allows you to make lines effortlessly. Being in pen form, it is not only easy to apply but you will gain precision in making thick or thin lines.

Being a best waterproof eyeliner, it offers sharpest stroke. It does not smudge at all and can last for whole day with same effect. Good news for those who tends to sweat a lot during the day, especially when the weather is hot.

In addition, this product does not contain any animal substance. If you have most sensitive eyes or just allergic, this is the cosmetic for you. In addition, the black color chosen here is suitable for both light and mat complexions.

Nyx Professional Makeup Eyeliner - Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Nyx Professional Makeup Eyeliner – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4.5/5

Pros and Cons – Best liquid eyeliner for beginners


Precise tip: This felt eyeliner has great flexibility. You can choose the thickness of the line that you like the most by exerting the adequate pressure. Enough to vary the effect of your makeup by going from fine and subtle lines to broad and provocative features.

Waterproof: This reference does not fear contact with water. So whether you are sweating or getting caught in the rain, your make-up will not leak.


Fragile tip: According to some users, this part frayed quite quickly. Therefore, more care must be taken in handling to avoid rapid damage.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Maybelline New York is a well-known reliable brand when it comes to make-up and skin care products. Talking about this amazing eyeliner, this is gel based smudge proof eyeliner. Its ultra-saturated pigment formula guarantees an intense black tone. You will thus gain deep attractive look.

However, users have always specifically mentioned and appreciated the long lasting feature of this amazing eyeliner. Indeed, the latter can remain in place for 24 hours without retouching. You can now avoid frequent detours to the toilets using this best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

In addition, the jar of gel comes with a calligraphic brush worthy of professional beauty salons. Its handling is easy so that you can draw your lines comfortably without making smudges in the process.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4.5/5

Pros and Cons – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.


Waterproof: This does not bleed in contact with water, because its composition is waterproof. This product has also been formed without oil. These two conditions allow rapid drying in order to prevent liquid from dripping.

Calligraphic brush: With this accessory, you won’t regret on the application part. Indeed, this applicator has been designed to offer you optimal comfort of use in order to get result of that of a professional makeup.


Product doesn’t remain in use for long: According to few buyers, the gel tends to dry out. Be sure to close the lid immediately after usage.

Kiko Milano Definition waterproof Eyeliner liquid – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Kiko Milano product ranges are all clinically tested first so to ensure that the products are non-allergic. A single stroke of this eyeliner will left you with most glamourous attractive eyes. Also, thanks to its waterproof formula, you can say goodbye to touch-ups that need to be done regularly throughout the day. So you will always feel at ease until you get home.

The applicator brush is very thin which allows you to make lines more easily and does not lead to any smudges. You will succeed your shot in one go with this device. Even, with its pointed tip, you will still be able to make wide lines for a glamorous look.

Kiko Milano Definition waterproof Eyeliner – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Kiko Milano Definition waterproof Eyeliner – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 5/5

Pros and Cons – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes


Water resistant: Sweat or rain will no longer be the reason for your bleeding make-up with this variation. In addition, the waterproof formula is also the guarantee of its long lasting. You no longer have to worry about the condition of your makeup throughout the day.

Practical brush: The ultra fine tip is easy to handle and will give you the possibility to achieve discreet lines or on the contrary extravagant and daring.


Price: This product is still quite expensive despite it possess all the qualities of being best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. You will have to compromise in terms of cost to acquire it.

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Couleur Caramel Eye Liner Bio 07 Organic Black – Best liquid eyeliner for beginners

If you have fragile skin and are wondering which is the best eyeliner in the market, this variation could be for you. Its organic design will convince you to buy it. This can even be proved to be best liquid eyeliner for beginners.

Also, the manufacturer did not include any chemical ingredient in the formation of this product. In this way, you will not fear any allergic reaction manifesting itself on your dermis. This is best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

In addition, the Caramel brand here guarantees professional quality. In the sense, this will not be easily erased. You will thus benefit from a lasting hold for the day. You will then be saved from spending time in the bathroom for touch-ups.

Also, thanks to its natural composition, this product proves best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. The fine brush that accompanies it on its side will allow you to go for precise highlight to better structure your look.

best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 5/5

Pros and Cons – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes


Natural: This eyeliner consists of organic rose hydrosol and also organic aloe Vera juice. These ingredients ensure total respect for the sensitivity of your skin. No allergic reaction will be felt then.

Easy to apply: Thanks to the brush with the fine tip, you will have no trouble getting the result you want. Indeed, this arrangement will allow you to gain in precision.

Long Lasting: This eyeliner is good pigmented allowing it to stay for long hours.


Adaptation time: If you are used to pencil tips, you may have a bit of difficulty the first time you use them.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil, White – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

If you want to look unique and try out something new and different, this white eyeliner from NYX can be the right choice for you. However, this eyeliner is available in more vibrant shades to choose from. This is an easy to apply yet very stylish product. Being in pencil/pen form, this best waterproof eyeliner will give you optimal precision at the time of very first coat of eyeliner.

In addition, this product also possess that very important quality of being long-lasting formula. And to confirm this, you can be assured that this best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes will hold for 12 hours straight with same effect.

Also, this product offers a three-in-one model. In the sense, it not only acts as an eyeliner, but also works as kohl and eye shadow. No more mess in your purse.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil – Best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Rating : 4.5/5

Let us now look at the pros and cons – Best Eyeliner for sensitive eyes

  • Highly pigmented eyeliners, thus lasts for long and do not smudge.
  • Comes in pen form, you just need to twist it up, thus very easy to apply.
  • Extremely waterproof and smudge proof which in turn allows you to have a very smooth application.
  • Available in different shades.
  • Certified cruelty free products.
  • Gives coverage like a liquid eyeliner and being cream based, makes it hold for long hours.
  • These eyeliners does perfect job of highlighting your eyes.
The cons:
  • Ladies who are habitual to use liquid eyeliners, may take time to get used to of it.


Stencil for eyeliner

LKE 100pcs Eyeshadow Stencils makeup tape Professional Lint Free under Eye Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches eyeliner tape for Eyelash Extensions/Lip Makeup supplies

These eyeliner stencils will help you get the perfect stroke for any style you want to achieve. Self-adhesive, you can place this stencil on the area to be protected, and can then be removed without pain.

You will get your makeup right at the first time itself with this accessory, because the flow of your eye shadow will no longer be where it shouldn’t be. This model can be used for the eyes as well as for the lips and the placement of eyelash extensions. In short, it is versatile.

Buying guide – Best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Buying a product without regretting it afterwards requires a long reflection. This is why, we present best of eyeliners so that you can determine the one that suits you best.

Now we know that choosing cosmetics especially for face is not an easy task. No lady would prefer to apply just anything when it comes to face make up. Thus, to end your struggle, I am suggesting the factors that must be taken into consideration while buying your best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

Types of Eyeliner

Eyeliners generally comes in 02 forms: Liquid and pencil

Liquid Eyeliner: We especially appreciate it for its ease of application, its long-lasting formula and its shine. However, the dosage of color intensity remains difficult. Also, difficult to create layers.

Gel or cream based: If you aspire to get a professional result, this may prove to be the best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes. These eyeliners comes with the pot and the brush (preferably calligraphic type). You can create your own style statement, ranging from most simple to glamorous allure. And unlike its predecessor, here you will be able to choose the tone that you like the most.

Pencil Eyeliners: Finally, for those who are really new to the world of makeup, the pencil eyeliner will be your most loyal ally. Its application is super easy and even in case of error you can correct it simply with a brush for example. The only disadvantage is that these are generally not the long lasting ones. These are far from being the permanent eyeliner, because you will have to do a touch-up from time to time. But still these are one of best eyeliners for sensitive eyelids.

Eyeliner Colors

If previously we only used black to accentuate the contours of our eyes, today we dare more and more colors. Although, black still holds the number one position when it comes to the need to have most attractive eyes. But these days, ladies often like to experiment with color range.

Over the years, we see new shades appear in the market. To be all the rage in dance evenings, for example, we like the flashy style. The color gold with glitter is currently enjoying several followers. Not only does it make the look warmer, but it also illuminates it at the same time.

If you also like festive tones, you can indulge in pine or olive green. Emerald blue is also very popular on the red carpet. However, you will need to consider the pigmentation in your eyes to avoid overshadowing them.


You must look for the eyeliners that does not include any toxic ingredients. For this matter, Vegan eyeliners may prove to be best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes as they do not include any such harmful ingredients they may cause harm to your eyes after application.

Pigmented Eyeliners

Usually those eyeliners that are heavily pigmented have a tendency to stay for long hours without leaving your eyes look dry with time.


Go for the eyeliners that have lightweight formulation because such eyeliners are best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

Waterproof and Smudge proof

Needless to say, your best eyeliner should possess both qualities of being water proof and smudge proof.

eyeliner for sensitive eyes
Eyeliner for sensitive eyes


Q1: How to put on eyeliner?

There are some rigid ideas for the application of the eyeliner. Among these, the fact of pulling the eyes outwards is the most common one. Note that this gesture should be avoided if you do not want the line to be distorted when you release your eyelid. Having said that, have confidence in yourself. Try not to shake your eyes during the operation.

When you feel ready, draw the line at the intersection of your eyelids and the level of your lashes. Do not look at yourself in a large mirror, instead opt for a small mirror that you position slightly lower than the height of your head. This will make you see your eyes much better.

Q2: How to use white eyeliner?

This eyeliner color is highly regarded for its ability to camouflage fatigue. Of course, to get the desired result, you have to know how to go about it. A touch of copper brown and iridescent white blush will do just fine. The first is to be applied on the mobile eyelid, as for the second in the hollow of the latter. Finish your make-up with your mascara.

Q3: How to make your own eyeliner?

If you are not confident of the make-up products currently available in the market, no need to worry about where to buy a new eyeliner.

You can indeed make it yourself. To do this, you will only have to provide yourself with these ingredients: 4 capsules of activated vegetable charcoal and demineralized water. To place the mixture, equip yourself with a small pot. Now moisten the contents of the pills with deionized water. Incorporate the latter little by little, drop by drop until you obtain a paste. Then press with your fingers to make the texture smoother.

Q4: How to fix eyeliner?

If you want to avoid touching up all the time, there are a few tips. First, use a primer. Thanks to it, the hold will be much more appreciable, because the eyelid will not tend to become oily.
If you like liquid or gel types, put a pencil base. This action will give you better grip. And for added confidence, when you’re done putting on your eyeliner, add some black eyeshadow on top.

Q5: How do I remove waterproof eyeliner?

To accomplish this task, choose your allies wisely. When it comes to makeup remover, opt for an oil-based solution. To apply it, use a cotton pad. Leave on for 20 seconds before rubbing gently. Once done, take a mild soap to wash your face.

Q6: What color of eyeliner for blue eyes?

To highlight the pigmentation of your pupils, light shades should be prioritized. You can go for a champagne or iridescent shade. Your eyes will light up. Also, if you want to go dark, navy blue will not disappoint.


Considering ladies with sensitive eyes, I have suggested the best waterproof eyeliner for sensitive eyes. All the above recommended eyeliners possess qualities of best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. You can choose as per your requirement that works best for your skin type. You can now enjoy bold attractive look every day without worrying for the fact that it may cause irritation or any other kind of harm to your eyes.

02 important advise:

Always clean your eyes before applying eye make-up and of course afterwards also.

Use rose water for your eyes after removing eye make-up.

Share your comments/views or if you have any further question in the comment section below

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