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How to store shampoo bars?

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Did you know? Shampoo bars can last 3x longer than bottled shampoo, i.e., up to 90 shampoos. So, if you wash your hair on alternate days, one bar would last six months! But, there is one rule, store it correctly. Must be thinking, what’s the correct way of storing a shampoo bar? We are here with a guide on how to store shampoo bars without the melty mishap and for optimal performance.

How to store shampoo bar
How to store shampoo bar

Why do shampoo bars need to be stored a certain way?

Shampoo bars require a dry environment for optimal longevity. Extended exposure to moisture can lead to a compromised shampoo bar structure, which turns it into a wet, soggy mess and reduces lifespan.

To maximize the benefits of your shampoo bar, store it in a cool, dry place between uses. This simple practice promotes proper bar integrity and ensures a longer-lasting cleansing experience.

How to store shampoo bars?

Three D’s are essential for storing shampoo bars: DODGE, DRAIN, and DRY. What role is this dodge, drain, and dry play? Here are they.

  • Dodge the direct flow of water: Keep your shampoo bar away from the direct flow of waterTo prevent your shampoo bar from prematurely dissolving, keep it away from the showerhead’s direct stream. Place it on a shower rack positioned furthest from the water flow. A zero-waste soap lift on your shower shelf is also a superb option. It catches drips and promotes air circulation after use.
  • Drain the water away: Ever left a damp soap bar? Avoid that fate for your shampoo bar. Soap dishes are great, but choose one with slats or ridges that allow water to drain away. After showering, don’t just toss your bar in a soap dish. Allow water to drain completely to prevent a slimy mess. For the fastest drying, hang your shampoo bar in a mesh bag. This allows for maximum air circulation.
  • Dry them between uses: Steamy bathrooms can leave your shampoo bar perpetually damp. To combat this, consider storing it outside the shower in a cool and dry location like a cupboard or airtight container. Repurpose it by adding a small, slotted piece (like a chopped corn-based soap lift) to create inside a drying platform. It keeps the bar elevated and promotes airflow.

For a hassle-free option, invest in a dedicated soap tin specifically designed for shampoo bars. These tins often include built-in drainage and a soap lift to prevent the bar from getting squished and soggy.

How to store shampoo bars in the shower?

Storing your shampoo bars in the shower requires some extra attention to prevent them from melting quickly. Here are the 4 useful tips:

  • Prioritize drainage: Avoid direct water streams by placing your bar in a designated soap dish or rack. Opt for a design that promotes airflow and prevents water accumulation.
  • Embrace a cool and dry environment: Store your shampoo bar in a location with moderate temperature and low humidity. Excessive heat and moisture can accelerate melting. Consider a cabinet or shelf outside the shower enclosure for optimal conditions.
  • Utilize mesh bags: If space near the shower is limited, utilize a breathable mesh bag hung outside the shower stall or curtain.  This allows for proper drying between uses.
  • Lather wisely: Excessive lather created by hot water can lead to faster bar deterioration. Opt for warm water and a moderate amount of lather to enjoy the cleansing benefits without compromising the bar’s longevity.

How to store shampoo bars for travel?

Shampoo bars are one of the ideal travel hair cleansers. First, they take up less space and easily fit in the carry-on luggage. Secondly, they won’t spill over your outfits! Yet, to carry the shampoo bar on your tour, you must follow some tips to retain its efficiency.

3 travel-sized tips for your bars:

  • Cut a smaller portion of your shampoo bar for travel. This saves luggage space and dries faster.
  • Use your soap-saver bag! Hang your bar to dry completely before storing it again.
  • Need a quick dry? Gently pat your bar with a clean face cloth or towel to remove excess moisture.

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The best containers for storing your shampoo bars

Shampoo on a bathtub caddy
Shampoo on a bathtub caddy

When selecting the ideal storage solution for your shampoo bar, prioritize containers, airtight, ventilating, and water-resistant. Here are the 5 containers that stood out as the best option for a shampoo bar.

Soap Dish

Wooden soap dish offers a beautiful and eco-friendly way to store your shampoo bar. Their integrated drainage rivets promote bar longevity by ensuring proper drying between uses. However, to maintain optimal hygiene and to prevent mildew clean wooden soap dishes every two weeks.

Want a low-maintenance option? A silicone soap dish provides a practical solution. Crafted from non-toxic silicone, this dish is effortless to clean and promotes optimal bar drying.

Soap Saver Bag

Encountering difficulty with unwieldy bar soaps or frustrated by perpetually damp shower shelves? Soap saver bags offer a sophisticated solution and eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic soap dishes. These innovative pouches, crafted from natural, biodegradable sisal fibers are designed to optimize the use and storage of various bar soaps, encompassing shampoo, conditioner, and body varieties.

Soap saver bags effectively cradle your bar soaps, ensuring a comfortable grip during use and eliminating the inconvenience of slippery bars. They promote proper drainage and air circulation, preventing soap bars from turning soft or dissolving prematurely, thereby extending their usable life.

Soap saver bags are machine-washable, and many can even be composted upon reaching the end of their useful life, minimizing environmental impact.

Shower Caddy

Your existing shower caddy can be a great home for your shampoo bar, as long as it offers good drainage. This allows the bar to dry properly between uses.

As your shampoo bar shrinks, keep an eye out! It might eventually become small enough to slip through the caddy’s bars. When that happens, consider switching to a soap-saver bag or a soap dish for continued convenience.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathtub caddy trays are a fantastic alternative for storing shampoo bars, much like shower caddies. These trays often boast designated compartments with drainage specifically designed for soaps and other bath products. Even if your caddy lacks a built-in drainage area, you can easily incorporate a separate soap dish to ensure proper drying for your shampoo bar.

DIY Shampoo Bar Holder

For those seeking eco-friendly and cost-effective storage solutions, consider upcycling readily available items. Repurpose a travel soap container into a functional holder by securing it with rubber bands. This simple approach minimizes waste while effectively storing your shampoo bar.

Benefits of proper shampoo bar storage

Proper storage extends life and adds to the efficiency of the shampoo bar. Here are the three prime benefits that your shampoo bar would have if stored correctly.

  • Airtight with ventilation: A metal tin, soap dish, or travel case allows air circulation keeping moisture out. This ensures a long-lasting and fragrant shampoo bar.
  • Goodbye mushy mess: Proper ventilation prevents your bar from becoming soggy and unusable.
  • Freshness guaranteed: Sealed storage protects the delightful scent of your shampoo bar for a consistently pleasant shower experience.

The dos and don’ts of storing your shampoo bars

There are certain dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while storing your shampoo bars.


  • Ensure your shampoo bar is completely dry before storing.
  • Store your shampoo bars in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture.


  • Leave your shampoo bars sitting in water or on a wet surface. It would soften and cause breakage of the bar.
  • Over-package or stack them tightly together.
  • Never let your shampoo bar be half-dry. Without proper air circulation, bacteria can grow over it, which affects the bar’s efficiency and lifespan.

Materials to avoid when storing your shampoo bar

Not all containers are created equal for shampoo bars! Here is a quick guide to avoiding materials that can shorten your bar’s lifespan:

  • Ditch the plastic: Plastic traps moisture, encouraging mold growth and accelerating the bar’s breakdown.
  • Skip the shiny: Metal containers can rust, transferring metallic residue onto your bar.

Benefits of a knotted fiber bag for shampoo bars

Shampoo bar on soap saver bag
Shampoo bar on soap saver bag

A knotted fiber bag is one of the best methods to keep your shampoo bars.

  • Dryness champions: These bags promote air circulation, allowing your shampoo bar to dry out completely between uses. This prevents mushiness and extends its lifespan.
  • Sustainable stars: Typically crafted from eco-friendly materials like cotton or hemp, these bags are a win for both your hair and the planet. Plus, they’re easy to clean!
  • Travel-friendly totes: Compact and lightweight, knotted fiber bags are perfect companions for your shampoo bar on any adventure.
  • Lather masters: The bag’s texture helps create a rich lather when you wet your bar and rub it against the fabric. This translates to using less product overall, saving you money in the long run.

Alternatives to knotted fiber bags for storing your shampoo bars

While knotted fiber bags offer fantastic benefits, here are alternative storage methods for your shampoo bar:

  • Drainage-Friendly Dish: Utilize a soap dish equipped with drainage holes. This allows proper air circulation and prevents water pooling, keeping your bar dry between uses.
  • DIY Wrap: Repurpose a washcloth or small towel to create a makeshift storage solution. Wrap your bar securely with the cloth and fasten it with a rubber band. This keeps the bar dry and prevents it from adhering to other items in your shower or travel bag.

Regardless of the chosen method, prioritize cool, dry storage with minimal exposure to direct sunlight and moisture. This ensures optimal longevity and maintains freshness for an extended period.

Benefits of soap dishes for your shampoo bars

Shampoo bar on a soap dish
Shampoo bar on a soap dish

Soap dishes are one of the most popular ways to store shampoo bars. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as wood, bamboo, ceramic, plastic, and even silicone. Here are the three benefits of soap dishes:

  • Promotes drying: Drainage holes prevent water from pooling, keeping your bar dry and preventing a mushy mess, which extends its lifespan.
  • Prevents breakage: It keeps your bar from slipping and potentially breaking on the shower floor, saving you money and reducing waste.
  • Organization and accessibility: A soap dish keeps your shampoo bar organized, readily available, and conveniently located for easy use, whenever needed.

FAQs about how to store shampoo bars

How to choose the best container for your shampoo bars?

When selecting the ideal storage solution for your shampoo bar, prioritize containers that excel in both airtightness and water resistance. This combination effectively shields the bar from moisture and water damage, particularly in humid bathroom environments. Such protection extends the shelf life of your shampoo bar and prevents it from becoming mushy, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

How long can I store shampoo bars?

Shampoo bars typically last 3-12 months, but that vary and depends on ingredient, storage conditions, and exposure to heat, sunlight and moisture.

Do soap saver bags work?

Soap saver bags offer a multi-functional solution for your shampoo and soap bars. They promote complete utilization by facilitating the use of the entire bar, minimizing waste. Additionally, the textured design provides a gentle exfoliating effect during use, enhancing the overall showering experience.

Final Word: How to store shampoo bars?

So, there you have it! With a few simple “dodge, drain, and dry” strategies, and the right storage materials, your trusty shampoo bar can become a loyal companion in your hair care routine. No more battling slimy shelves, at home or on-the-go (though travel might require some nifty adjustments!). Put these tips into practice and your shampoo bar will always be ready to lather up whenever you need it.

Bonus: even a sad, gooey bar can be revived in a mesh bag for a final sudsy hurrah. Now go forth and conquer greasy hair with your trusty (and eco-friendly) bar!

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