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Is garlic good for hair? Top 6 Garlic shampoo for hair loss

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Is garlic good for hair? Hair loss is a common concerning problem, both for men and women. In order to, get a permanent remedy people often use expensive products that are not always effective.

In fact, there are solutions that are more effective in the form of natural products. One of such product is garlic shampoo.

The medicinal property of garlic is a well-known age-old fact that is scientifically proven. Besides having benefits on health garlic is effective on hair too.

Benefits of Garlic Shampoo
Benefits of Garlic Shampoo

Garlic Shampoo Benefits

As I have mentioned earlier garlic offers lots of beneficial elements for our health. Let’s see the benefits of garlic shampoo:

  • With its antibacterial property, garlic can control and stop hair fall, because bacterial infection is one of the reason of hair loss.
  • Also, garlic has the property to stimulate the dormant follicles of hair in the scalp. This increases the volume of hair, thus helping in the restoration of the thickness of hair.
  • Chemical treatments often cause damage to hair. Here, garlic shampoo works miraculously. The inherent properties of garlic when applied on hair, brings the hair back to a healthy state.
  • Who does not love lustrous and shiny hair? Well, garlic shampoo has a significant role to play in such cases, especially, when the hair has faced damage either from colouring and bleaching.
  • A regular use of garlic shampoo treats dry hair and itchy scalp.
  • Garlic shampoo strengthens the shaft of hair, reducing breakage it also minimize the split ends of hair and prevents hair fall.
  • Blood circulation is very important for a healthy hair growth. Hair oil stimulates blood circulation in scalp, garlic shampoo do the same. The shampoo flushes out the toxins present in the hair follicles and gives a well nourished healthy hair. In other words, garlic shampoo increases the efficiency of hair follicles to fight damages and it also increases the capability of the hair follicles in producing strong hair.

The need and demand of garlic shampoo have resulted in the availability of garlic shampoos, commercially.

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List of best garlic shampoo for hair growth

  • Nutrine garlic shampoo
  • Nora Ross garlic shampoo
  • Dabur Vatika Garlic Shampoo
  • Ever Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo Plus Vitamin A
  • Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Vitalizing Revitalizing Garlic & Capixyl Hair Care SET

Top 6 organic garlic shampoo

Nutrine garlic shampoo: Nutrine garlic shampoo unscented

There are many brands of garlic shampoo available in the market, and Nutrine Garlic Shampoo is a well-known brand in the arena of garlic shampoos. The USP of this product is the presence of garlic extracts in an unscented form along with natural ingredients; Purified Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride and many more.

The shampoo promotes healthy follicles and cleans your hair and scalp. A regular use of it prevents excessive loss of hair. This unisex shampoo is mainly effective on thin hair. And what is more important is that the product is paraben free and also inexpensive.

Garlic shampoo for hair growth
Garlic shampoo for hair growth

The shampoo garnered impressive reviews from the customers. Every feature of the shampoo has become successful in appealing to its customers. Nutrine garlic shampoo stick to what it claims i.e., it definitely reduces hair fall and breakage.

Also, the shampoo leads to hair growth, gradually. Besides the merits the shampoo has certain demerits, especially regarding its smell. Most of the reviewers have stated that the shampoo have the smell of baby powder which they did not like.

Also, another demerit of the product is the use of certain elements chemicals that may result in harmful effects on health. However, the shampoo has effective results. It does clean hair and also contains garlic extract without its scent, as it claims.

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Nora Ross Unscented Garlic Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

Nora Ross Garlic Shampoo for normal to dry hair /Garlic shampoo for hair loss
Nora Ross Garlic Shampoo for normal to dry hair /Garlic shampoo for hair loss

Nora Ross garlic shampoo is one of the well-known garlic shampoo brand that contains unscented Garlic extract and Garlic oil, Sesame Oil, Rosemary Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride and Fragrance along with Purified Water.

Being a 30 year old brand, Nora Ross garlic shampoo is a combination of scientific elements and natural ingredients. It helps in revitalizing hair from root to tip; also it cleans and removes the residue of stulying products from the hair.

The product is mainly suitable for oily hair. It stimulates hair growth and gives luxurious thicker hair. Also, it makes hair smoother and more manageable. A regular use of the product makes the scalp dandruff free and it works great on coloured hair and permed hair.

This product successfully satisfied its customers with its benefits. The shampoo removes excessive oil from the scalp; it reduces hairfall and also promotes hair growth.

In fact, the shampoo also works quite well on dry scalp. It is available both for dry and oily hair respectively.

The hair remains refreshed after a wash for quite a long time. There is no smell of garlic and also the scent of the shampoo has gone down well with the customers.

The shampoo has certain demerits also. It contains certain chemicals which can have harmful effects to people who have allergy issue. The shampoo has an adverse effect on sensitive skin. It makes scalp itchy and causes red blotches.

Overall, the shampoo works effectively. It makes the hair soft, manageable and light. The product is very simple to use as it takes less time.

Nora Ross Garlic Shampoo for oily hair

Nora Ross Garlic shampoo for hair loss
Nora Ross Garlic shampoo for hair loss

Dabur Vatika Naturals Garlic Shampoo

Specially formulated for weak hair Vatika Garlic Shampoo by Dabur is one of the well-known brand in the field of garlic shampoo.

The shampoo contains anti-toxic elements that help to clean the hair follicles and accelerates hair growth, naturally.

The USP of the product is the incorporation of garlic extract that is source from Spain which is claimed to be the best garlic in the world.

Dabur Vatika Garlic shampoo treats weak hair by reducing breakage and hair fall. Dabur Vatika Garlic shampoo contains: Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide MEA, Sodium Chloride, Sodium PCA, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium Nitrate and many other beneficial ingredients.

Does Garlic shampoo work? Benefits of Dabur Vatika Naturals organic garlic shampoo
Does Garlic shampoo work? Benefits of Dabur Vatika Naturals organic garlic shampoo

Dabur Vatika Garlic shampoo has been warmly accepted by people worldwide. This is simply, due to the merits of the shampoo. The shampoo makes hair soft, smooth, shiny, manageable and also removes frizzes.

The shampoo has a pleasing fragrance with no smell of garlic at all. The shampoo has very usual demerit. It contains certain chemical elements just like all other shampoos.

In a nutshell this shampoo works effectively to give a healthy hair.

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Ever Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo Plus Vitamin A

Ever Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo benefits (Alter Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo)
Ever Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo benefits (Alter Ego Italy Garlic Shampoo)

Alter Ego Italy, subsequently changed to Ever Ego Italy produces Garlic Shampoo that is useful and loved by many.

If you have experimented with lots of curling, bleaching, colouring and different styles that harmed your hair, Ever Ego could be beneficial for you.

Specifically works very well for oily hair. You should use at least twice a week for better result.

You will notice decreasing hair fall and improved healthy and shiny nourished hair.

Often we use products containing harmful chemicals to style up our hair. If you are doing so for any special occasion, take steps to reverse the effect immediately after it’s over.

Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Vitalizing Revitalizing Garlic & Capixyl Hair Care SET

Are you suffering from weak, damaged hair? Dr. C. Tuna Revitalizing Shampoo and hair mask is the best thing to try.

You may have seen Capixyl as an ingredient in the shampoo. What does Capixyl do? You see all the hair growth products in the market got Capixyl in many of them.

Capixyl is a blend of peptide and red clover extracts. Study shows that Capixyl is better than Minoxidil for hair growth.

Using Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Vitalizing Revitalizing Garlic & Capixyl Hair Care on regular basis will make your follicle firm. It promotes production of proteins that are important for hair growth and improves vitality of hair.

Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Revitalizing Garlic & Capixyl Hair Care SET
Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Revitalizing Garlic & Capixyl Hair Care SET

Conclusion – Is garlic shampoo good for hair?

Garlic Shampoo and Conditioner both got hair growing properties and also reduce hair fall. Hence, garlic shampoo is one of the best options to treat multiple problems of hair. Garlic shampoo specializes in treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. Also, garlic shampoo is a unisex product that is quite affordable.

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