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What Happens if You Drink Micellar Water?

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Can you drink micellar water?

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk to you about something that’s been gaining a lot of attention recently: micellar water. It’s a new beauty trend, but what exactly is it, and what happens when you drink it?

Today I’m going to answer the question: what happens if you drink micellar water? I’ll explain what it is, what it does, and what the outcome of drinking it could be. So let’s dive right in and find out!

Is it Safe to Drink Micellar Water?

Well, it’s clear that micellar water has a lot of potential benefits, but there are also potential risks and side effects to consider.

Micellar water has humectant, surfactant and fragrance in it. In simple words, micellar water has perfume, soap, and chemicals that hydrate your skin.

We all know, surfactant or soap is not good for ingestion.

It’s always best to check in with your doctor before you make any changes to your routine, so let’s take a look at what medical professionals have to say about drinking micellar water. Finally, we’ll cover possible side effects that could occur.

What happens if you drink micellar water?

Potential Risks of Drinking Micellar Water

What happens if you drink micellar water? Can you drink micellar water and don’t fall sick?

Moving on, let’s look at the potential risks of drinking micellar water.

While there is no definitive answer to this, there are some things to consider.

To start, there is the fact that the purifying process of micellar water is not as thorough as other methods. In some cases, this can lead to ingesting impurities, such as bacteria, that could be potentially detrimental.

Additionally, since micellar water is not regulated, it can be hard to know the exact contents of the product by just looking at the label. So it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and do the necessary research before drinking it.

Advice from Medical Professionals

Moving on from the potential risks of drinking micellar water, let’s take a look at advice from medical professionals.

Generally speaking, they don’t recommend drinking micellar water.

According to a doctor from the Mayo Clinic, it’s better to stick to drinking plain old water. They don’t believe micellar water has any health benefits, and it could even be harmful to your health if you drink too much of it.

You should keep in mind that micellar water and regular tap water have different compositions. Micellar water has a higher concentration of salt and minerals than plain water, which could lead to dehydration if you drink too much of it.

Micellar water is not filtered or purified, and it could contain contaminants like bacteria. So, it’s best to avoid drinking micellar water and stick to drinking plain water as much as possible.

Drinking micellar water can cause nausea and vomiting
Drinking micellar water can cause nausea and vomiting

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Micellar Water

What are the possible side effects of drinking micellar water? Unsurprisingly, the answer to whether or not it is safe to drink micellar water depends on the individual. While in most cases it is generally safe to drink, some people may experience adverse reactions from consuming it.

The most common side effects associated with drinking micellar water include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

In more extreme cases, people have reported experiencing headaches, dizziness, and allergic reactions.

If you experience any of these symptoms after drinking micellar water, you should seek medical advice. Additionally, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, it is advised to consult with your doctor before drinking it.

Drinking micellar water can cause Diarrhea
Micellar water can cause Diarrhea

How You Can Use Micellar Water?

I’m so glad you asked! Not only is micellar water an amazing makeup remover, but it can also be used in your hair care routine! Let’s take a look at each of these uses.

As a Makeup Remover

As a makeup remover, micellar water is a great choice for all skin types. It’s gentle, non-abrasive, and it doesn’t require any rinsing.

It is packed with beneficial ingredients that can help nourish and hydrate your skin. All you need to do is dip a cotton pad in the water and gently wipe away any makeup residue.

This simple step helps to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Micellar water is also great for removing waterproof makeup, so it’s perfect for those who wear long-lasting products.

So, for those seeking a gentle and effective makeup remover, micellar water is definitely worth a try!

As a Hair Care Product

Beyond its many skin care benefits, micellar water can also be used to help keep hair looking its best. As a hair care product, micellar water can help remove product build-up, dirt, and oil while also moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. It does this by using the same magnet-like properties to draw out impurities, while also adding moisture to the hair.

To use as a hair care product, simply dampen a cotton pad with a small amount of micellar water and gently massage it into the scalp. This will help to remove any excess product, dirt, or oil from the hair and scalp.

You can then rinse your hair with a mild shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. Doing this regularly will help to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Learn about the differences between toner and micellar water.

Final Thought: What Happens if You Drink Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a popular beauty product used to gently cleanse the skin and remove makeup. While it may seem harmless, drinking micellar water could potentially have negative effects on your health, as it is not intended for ingestion.

Always use products as directed and to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions.

Remember, your health and well-being should always come first.

FAQs: Can You Drink Micellar Water?

What is micellar water used for?

Micellar water is a gentle cleanser that is used to remove makeup and impurities from the skin.

How often should I use micellar water?

Micellar water can be used daily as a gentle cleanser, but it may not be strong enough to remove heavy or waterproof makeup.

Is micellar water good for acne-prone skin?

Yes, micellar water is often recommended for acne-prone skin because it doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients.

Can micellar water replace my regular cleanser?

It depends on your skin type and makeup habits. Micellar water can be used alone as a cleanser or in combination with other products.

Can I use micellar water around my eyes?

Yes, micellar water is gentle enough to use around the eyes to remove eye makeup.

How does micellar water work?

Micellar water contains micelles, which are tiny oil molecules that attract dirt and oil and lift them from the skin.

Can I use micellar water to clean my makeup brushes?

Micellar water can be used to clean makeup brushes, but it may not be as effective as other cleaning methods.

Is micellar water safe to drink?

No, micellar water is not intended to be ingested and should only be used externally on the skin.

Can you drink micellar water?

While micellar water is safe for external use, it is not meant to be consumed and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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